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Did You Know ThumbnailMy wish? To still be in bed watching “Golden Girls” between naps.  Reality? A girl’s gotta work cause a girl likes to eat and pay bills and travel. Honestly, just eat and travel.  Unless you have been in a coma the last couple of days, you know by now that Maryland is the proud new recipient of a Republican Governor, that being Larry Hogan.  To no one’s surprise, our U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are now both majority Republican.  Before you cheer or jeer, I must ask, did you vote?  Only 38.03% of the 544,677 who are registered to vote actually showed to the polls.  So unless you voted, umm, shut up.  I mean that.  Shut up.  I, on the other hand, voted and have some questions for the Governor Elect Hogan and Lt. Governor and our newly elected representatives and senators.
Question Mark ballsHow long do you estimate it will take to “independently audit” all Maryland agencies before you cut your promised $2 Billion from the budget?
What will the U.S. Congress do about the $20 billion in “micro purchases” made by agencies like Department of Homeland Security where over $30k was spent on coffee in less than a year?
What will Congress do about the overlapping agencies and offices between the Department of Defense and DHS that are costing the U.S. billions?
Yea, I have questions.  The day where Republicans can sit on the sideline being obstructionists and pointing the finger, even when it was rightfully pointed, are OVER. I expect all elected officials to START doing what is best for the people, not just YOUR people.
PGCSIFOK. What else is going on?  Today is the last day you can submit a name to the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund for their Forty UNDER 40 honors.  If you know of an outstanding young woman or man who’s making a difference in the world and they’re under age 40, please nominate them.  The members of this group go on to be major influencers and agents for change within our government and county.  We have to root these outstanding people in all areas of Prince George’s County government, culture and community so that we can thrive AND get rid of the slugs.  See this nomination as an opportunity to pour salt on the slugs. SALT THEM!!!
What else is going on in PGCo?
Money FanfoldCapitol Heights resident Aisha Hawkins won $1 million in lottery by way of DC. Don’t anyone go making cold calls to her.  She’s a wife and mother of 4, and she runs a nonprofit benefitting critically ill children.  She is well deserving of that million.

Dwight Jefferson
Dwight Jefferson

The former Acting Principal of D. Eisenhower Middle School in Laurel, MD, was indicted for allegedly punching a student twice in the body and once in the face after the student tried to defend himself.  Dwight Jefferson, 45, of Fort Washington was indicted on one count of child abuse and three counts of second-degree assault. The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney said Wednesday that Jefferson was being held on $75,000 bond. According to the  indictment, on Sept. 23, Principal Jefferson stopped a student in school and ordered the student to go to a back room. There, authorities said, Jefferson punched the youth twice in the stomach, and once in the face. Prosecutors said the boy returned to class, where teachers saw his eye was swollen and notified administrators.

ATM RobberyPGC BLOG PEOPLE be careful out there.  Not only are the retail stores pushing Christmas consuming on us early the Christmas criminals are striking in full force early too.  Bowie Police reported ATM robberies at the Bank of America on Evergreen Parkway and a Capitol One Bank on Annapolis Road.  See the Patch story with more pictures HERE
New Carrollton SealNew Carrollton is on the up!  Victor Hoskins,  PGCo’s deputy chief administrative officer for economic development, led a third and final brainstorming session last week with the goal of finding implementable ideas to get the New Carrollton region going. reported, “It feels unsafe to me,” Hoskins said. “I’d like it to be a safe place, bright. It’s necessary. I’d like it to be fun. It’s worn out. I’d like it to be new.”
The ideas from the audience ranged from a tech center, pop-up pet adoption fairs and a monthlong winter wonderland (“with alcohol”), to Internet cafes, summer camps, food trucks, concerts and even Artomatic. Prince George’s is in talks with Artomatic, officials said Friday, and county leaders recently toured the vacated 12-story CSC building in New Carrollton as a possible venue.
Hoskins and his team will build the ideas into a matrix, to determine what is most “implementable,” that is, what can be done the fastest and for the least amount of money. A 1-acre park, said Victoria Davis, Urban Atlantic president, would cost $5 million to $7 million to plan and build, plus $400,000 a year to operate.

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