Alexis Simpson and Prince George’s Police: WHY? (Demo)


These images seem to be of two completely different people.  One is Alexis Simpson living her life.  The other is Alexis after having just taken life from another.  Which is the real?  Many of the news accounts tell of an argument ensuing when Simpson turned off an IPod located in the share bathroom of the dorm suite.  It is agreed that no matter who initiated it, Dominique Frazier and Alexis Simpson had some kind of fight, Frazier’s friends got involved and now Dominique Frazier is dead

Alexis is heard on the 911 call asking Frazier’s friends “Why would y’all jump me?  Why you have to do that?”  She asks it over and over. The State argued that Simpson’s actions were premeditated.  A jury found her innocent of all 7 counts against her.  What did the jury hear that we didn’t? I’m not saying that Simpson should have been found guilty, I just want to know what they heard that caused them to find her so innocent.  There are accounts on the web such as this one I found of what really went on that night.  (SEE HERE)  Testimony from Frazier’s friend who was at the scene that night suggests that Simpson’s stabbing of Frazier was probably accidental, “Keaira Johnson’s perspective, Alexis Simpson instigated the confrontation that left her roommate at Bowie State University fatally wounded. But Johnson, who saw the deadly fight, acknowledged in court Wednesday that Simpson might not have intended to slash her roommate’s neck,” Washington Post.

I know it’s difficult being thrown into an unfamiliar living environment but I just can’t imagine why this disagreement had to escalate to this.  Both young ladies were described as being kind.  But Simpson’s back story included being bullied because of her looks and higher-end wardrobe when she was younger and she also made claims that she and Frazier had altercations prior to the one that ended in Frazier’s death. 


Even if you, a police officer, thought it was a good idea to make a spoof video on “driving while Black,”  why in the hot ham sandwiches would take your BRILLIANT idea a step further by posting it to Youtube?  From the Prince George’s Police Blogspot: “The video shows a traffic stop that appears to take place in Prince George’s County. It depicts two African American officers, in uniform, who use crude stereotypes and profanity when interacting with an African American driver who appears to be an actor.  The officers are three and 10-year veterans assigned to District V. Their police powers are now suspended. A duty status hearing will be held next week.”  The video is kinda funny but really, really messed up.  Police Chief Magaw called the video “racially insensitive.” had comments from PGCo’s NAACP President Bob Ross,  while the video was insensitive to the fear some citizens have, the officers’ appearance in the clip should not result in their termination. “I would agree with a suspension rather than firing because they are young and immature,” Ross told the newspaper. “If they had done that without the uniforms and without the police car, it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. It really was a good skit but when you have government employees doing it, it’s a different story.”


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