All Dummies Unite for Team Bocephus (Demo)

After taking a good look at him, his father, Hank Williams, summed up his looks by saying that Hank Williams Jr. looked just like a ventriloquist dummy that went by the name of Bocephus.  To this day, that is still his nickname. Eeeesh.  Even if I thought that about a child, especially if that child was my own, I don’t think I’d of said it or applied that name to the child as a moniker.

Fox and Friends, in their infinite wisdom, brought Bocephus on their show because he’s a guy “that knows a little about politics too.”  He proceeded to flirt with cohost Gretchen so she tries to transition out of that awkward situation by inviting him to an “intimate discussion” on who he thought was the GOP frontrunner. (giggle) Not a one of them does Bo like.  He goes on to say that Boehner playing golf with President Obama is like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.  Hank Jr. called our President and Vice President “the enemy.”

I think this even took the Fox and Friends crew aback a little, which absolutely tickled me.  Seriously what were you expecting from this guy? Ha!  He’s yelling out words like he’s trying to pass a stone, wearing dark glasses and a truckers cap. WH-AT were you expecting Fox and Friends?  Ha! again.
What he got right is this: he said something. While these factions (dems and repubs) are struggling to do what they vowed to do for the people who elected them, the people who funded them are reaping rewards as this country drowns. Now all the former dummies are coming to life.  Occupy Wall Street is just the latest group in a line of hollowed out tools that are realizing: we’re all being shafted. *See video here of Wall Street fatcats drinking
champagne and laughing it up as protests go on.* Tea Partiers blame government for the current economic state; Occupy Wall Street view the White House and plain old greed of the top 1% wealthy population as the driving force behind this country’s economic depression.  Whether the ventriloquist hand up your back has been that of government programs or that of artificially inflated markets, the dummies are now coming to life and realizing that the ventriloquist are the ones getting paid after the audience has laughed at their act.
I don’t place much credence on Bocephus’s words.  After all, he supported Sarah Palin and ultimately thinks Herman Cain makes the most sense of all the GOP candidates.  But I will give him this: he’s a dummy that cut the ventriloquist’s arm off just long enough to say something authentic to his situation.  The next day he was back to bending over for the hand until he lost his ESPN deal. Bocephus is singing amok now but he’s free.
Talk to the hand.

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