Ann Romney & Implications of Uttering “You People” (Demo)

AnnRomneyFeatured ImageAnn Romney, when questioned by ABC News’ Robin Roberts about Mitt Romney’s choice to not release his tax returns beyond 2010, responded, “…you just want to give more material for attack and that’s just the answer and we’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we life and so that election again will not be decided on that.  It will be decided on who’s going to turn the economy and how are jobs going to come back to America.”  BAM!

Two things came to mind when I heard Mrs. Ann’s “you people” quote: Ross Perot and The Antebellum Period of U.S. history.  At the 1992 NAACP convention, Ross Perot uttered the words “you/your people” a gazillion times. Well really only about 3-5 times. *giggle* I’m laughing because he was so oblivious; his world was (probably still is) so void personal connections to non-white Americans that he just didn’t know that those two words “you people” could simultaneously piss off and shut down an entire room of Black people. Perot said “I don’t have any speechwriters and what you’re hearing comes straight from my heart.” I actually believe the dude. The press ran with his gaffe and Ross quickly fell to the back of the presidential contender’s pack after that.

Mrs. Ann’s “you people” is a little different.  She was talking one-on-one with Robin Roberts.  Unlike Perot, Mrs. Ann has no background in poverty or financial struggle.  *sidebar* When you listen to the video of Perot, it sounds like he and his family were living pre or post Civil War. Dern!*  Mrs. Ann probably assumed, rightly so, that Robin is a media member and that Robin is a Democrat.  Now I don’t actually know what Robin’s political party affiliation really is but because of all that Robin Roberts represents, the “you people” remark from Mrs. Ann will be interpreted as condescending on several levels. Just which “you people” were you referring to Mrs. Ann?  Democrats? Media? Uppity negroes? Peasants? Working class? Union members? Media? Elitists? Mrs. Ann stared directly into the Black face of Robin Roberts and uttered “you people.” It was a bad move.  One that confirmed that the Romneys are woefully out of touch with any “you people” you people are.
From 1815-1861, The South put on a face of gentility.  Manners were good, dress was formal, and life was a romanticized novel.  Meanwhile, there were slaves in the field, Black-face in the theaters, and everyone had an awful chewing tobacco habit.  Ummm, ewww.  That’s how I see Mrs. Ann.  She’s the ideal picture of  a wealthy, Mormon mother.  Meanwhile, if you look closely, you’ll see her teeth are discolored from dipping snuff.  
I’m somewhere in that “you people” uttered by Mrs. Ann.  I know it.  You probably are too.