Attorney Gansler’s Remarks on Lt. Gov. Brown (Demo)

Someone gave the WPost a recording of Attorney General Doug Gansler at a meeting for campaign volunteers in Annapolis where he made candid remarks about his democratic challenger Lt. Governor Anthony Brown. Are they racially disparaging or just par for the political course?

I was really starting to hear the message of Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.  His anti-recidivism plans hit a cord with me, not that I’ve been to jail, but I believe the business of jailing our Black youth is a crime.  Gansler’s ‘Building Our Best Maryland’  issue and idea forums and discussion, some of which focused on ideas to foster successful re-entry into our communities for ex-offenders, is a great idea.  Now the Washington Post has us hearing excerpts from an Annapolis speech given by Gansler that may or may not have significance.  Gansler is going to need all the great ideas he can get to dig himself out the pile of dump the Post is trying to land him in.
Doug GanslerThe Washington Post is reporting that someone gave them a recording of Attorney General Doug Gansler at a meeting for campaign volunteers in Annapolis where he made candid remarks about his democratic challenger Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, “I mean, right now his campaign slogan is ‘Vote for me, I want to be the first African-American governor of Maryland…He’s trying to get coronated, like this is a done deal, the whole establishment is behind him, and you, the voters don’t get to pick their governor, we’ve already taken care of that for you, so you can worry about something else. But he didn’t have enough money for governor. You literally can’t run with a million and a half dollars in this world anymore. So he picked up Ken Ulman for the dowry. He got the $2 million dowry.”
Anthony BrownI mean seriously, everyone’s got their panties in a snit about the comments but it’s politics and what did you think Gansler was going to say?  Some of you are asking the same thing, what has Anthony Brown done and who is he?  While the emails I get from Gansler are about his initiatives, the ones I get from Lt. Governor Anthony Brown are about his endorsements, tickets to VIP receptions, requests that I make a pledge to vote for Brown.  I really need to get to know you and your political issues before I go making a pledge.  Quite frankly, if Lt. Brown is as much like Governor O’Malley as I think he is, there’s no way I can vote for him.  We need a fiscal conservative with a compassionate heart, someone more a Blue Dog Democrat.  That’s just my opinion.  Maryland has to get its financial house in order, especially Prince George’s County.
Politics PigSpeaking of PGCo, Attorney Gansler did make a remark about needing to have a African-American running mate,And then we’ll announce our lieutenant governor a week or so later.  It will be an African-American, and it will be somebody from either Baltimore or Prince George’s. I cannot overstate the amount of pressure I have from both of those places to get a person from there. [Insert laughter from crowd]  People are very kind and generous and nice with their suggestions. I get 10 to 20 a day, ‘You’ve gotta pick this person, you’re gonna win if you pick this person.’ But suggestions are always good.”
Hmmm…don’t know how I feel about that comment or the state of racial politics in Maryland.  Race is never a clean topic in politics, not in life period.  Our country is one of the best in the world, but like all great countries, it has a past.  Whenever a white man in power flippantly mentions race the way Gansler did, it brings up sore spots for Black people.  Even with my sore spots, all I see here is two politicians that both want to win and they’re playing in the mud to do it.  That’s politics.



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I’ll agree that Doug’s done some good work with drug courts and such, but I will never forgive him over the sniper case. Also remember that the administration really made these policy changes with respect to treatment over prison, and that Lt Gov Brown worked behind the scenes. I also get politics can use race; it seems a current event in today’s national politics, but I think the reason that the Brown/Ullman ticket is getting the whole machine aligned around it is because they are the best for the state. Really, we need a purple line, we need to build bypasses, and we need to pay for it. Going through Waldorf at any time just shows me how dumb growth needs fixing. We need to pay for the sins of the past.

“The Black Vote” is an interesting commodity as described by the Attorney General. Really, that was the most cynical series of comments made by an elected official I’ve read since the last time Rand Paul opened his mouth.

I don’t care who it is. Bojo the Clown for all I care. The State of Maryland needs someone who will work for Marylanders 100%.

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