Auditor and Financial Officer Booted. Principal Next? (Demo)

Chief Financial Officer for Schools and his wife caught in insurance scandal, Calls getting louder for Largo principal who allegedly referred to staff as "poor white trash" and "chickenheads" to be fired.

exit youre fired smallThe thieves, swindlers, self-serving opportunists, and creeps must be removed from position and power in Prince George’s County.  I’m not naive; I know that every surrounding jurisdiction has their fair share of suited up slicksters but I live in the county now and I’m sensitive to what happens.  My rants stems from the story on Colby R. White, chief financial officer for Prince George’s County Schools and his wife Keisha White, an auditor for the school system, filing false insurance claims in hopes of defrauding the company.  THIS is the guy who was over finances for our school system?  Colby R. White‘s salary was $169k, but that wasn’t enough.  The Whites made claims with two insurance companies for the same “stolen” wedding ring.  They were busted and are now both out of jobs.  It would be best that they sought out whole new careers that have nothing to do with money. 
Washington Post Story brings the shame:

colby white
Colby R. White

“The chief financial officer for the Prince George’s County school system and his wife, who works for the school district as an internal auditor, resigned Monday, just days after school officials learned that Maryland state investigators had found them responsible for insurance fraud. Board of Education Chairman Segun Eubanks and schools chief Kevin M. Maxwell said in a joint statement that the resignations of Colby R. White and his wife, Keisha, were accepted and are effective immediately.
Colby and Keisha White did not respond to requests for comment. [I bet they didn’t]
Both had been placed on administrative leave with pay Friday after Maxwell learned that the Maryland Insurance Administration ordered them to pay $6,000 for filing a false insurance claim for a lost wedding ring. According to an order filed by the state insurance administration in August, White filed two claims for his wife’s 1.5-carat ring with two different insurance companies within a five-month span.  [It gets even uglier] Insurance investigators for Erie Insurance Exchange found that White’s claim last September for a lost ring was the second one he had filed. Traveler’s Indemnity Insurance paid White $16,313 to settle a claim he filed in April 2013.
During a recorded interview with an insurance investigator, White said he had not filed a prior lost jewelry claim for the ring, according to the order. “However, when confronted with evidence of the prior claim he had made to Travelers for the loss of the same ring, he admitted making the prior claim and receiving compensation,” according to the order. White then withdrew his claim with Erie. Colby White, who earned $169,008 annually, has worked for the school system since 1995. Keisha White joined the school system in 2001 and had a salary of $95,540.
Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus
Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus

The calls are still coming for Largo Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus to resign.  Who wants her gone? According to reports: NAACP (Prince George’s County Branch), Councilwoman Mary Lehman (D-Laurel), and a host of teachers.  Dr. Kevin Maxwell, PGCPS Chief, was said to be “disappointed” that Councilwoman Lehman would take a stance on Simpson-Marcus’s situation, ““I’m disappointed that you chose to rely on one single source to frame your thinking on the situation,” he wrote. “My hope is that you would know to seek all the facts, perspectives and information before taking such a bold stance on an issue.” This from the Washington Post.  What this is boiling down to is she is costing the county too much money by way of lawsuits. I am totally with Prince George’s County NAACP President Bob Ross, “It’s time for her to go,” Ross said. “For the good of the system, it would be better for her to resign. . . . You can’t have a workplace where you are discriminating [against] employees, whether black or white.”

County Executive Baker, what say you?



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