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I know it's been a while, but I'm back at it. Let's recap the tax hike fiasco and quickly look forward to restaurant openings.

So what’s new PGCo? We’re somewhere inside a pandemic; worldwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality continue; the new norm is wearing a mask and gloves as you come and go; Zoom meetings are making us crazy; food delivery services are making a killing and I, for one, am just a bit sick of it all. But what’s a girl to do?

Taxes and Politics

Well the County Council went and bumped their heads with the sneak drop of CB-28-2020. It was proposed and withdrawn by Councilman Derrick Leon Davis (Dist. 6) That’s my councilman and I like him; he has a future in politics. But this proposal, although he and all the others who supported it were wrong for proposing this and it turned into a PR fiasco for all of them except Councilpersons Tom Dernoga (Dist. 1), Jolene Ivey (Dist. 2) and Monique (I Said What I Said) Anderson-Walker (Dist. 8). The tax-fightin-trio got the word out, held all kinds of virtual fire-side chats to make sure the people were informed. Things got snippy at times and I was there for it. It boiled down to PGCo residents communicating their displeasure with this tax increase masked as a charter amendment. Your voices were heard. Keep that same energy for general elections in November. Will you also join me in reading up on PGCo’s 2021 proposed operating budget and revenue?

Prince George's County Council Members
Winning Council Members . You see the prizes I awarded them. GOOD JOB!

Food News

Politics discussion can take your whole appetite away, but I persist. Well folks, what kind of pandemic dining have you been doing? Me? Oh we’re dining at home on this here side of glory. I love Jesus and I’m trying to see him later, not now. Hmph. Even in the midst of this mask-clad-life, some decent food offerings are popping up in PGCo.

  • Victory Maryland, 10201 Martin Luther King Highway, Bowie, MD. Slated to open this summer. There’s also a Victory Miami.
  • Burnbox Pizza Eatery 36 Watkins Park Drive. I visited with the owners and am looking forward to this place opening. Imagine if &pizza had a grown folk vibe, alcohol, and organic ingredients. Boom! Ya got Burnbox. Waiting to hear back about their opening plans.
  • Uncaged Chef District Heights, 6027 Marlboro Pike, District Heights 20747. Food looks really good. They’ve already had great success at the Savor Food Hall in Hyattsville. Grand opening July 31. I’m not going to that but I’m going probably next week.
  • Horace and Dickie’s Glenarden, 7905 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, Glenarden 20706. WhatchallknowABOUTDAT?!!! If you, like me, used to be in that long line on H Street NE, waiting to get a Horace and Dickie’s fishsandwich (it is one word, thank you very much, and the “n” is silent), the news that they were coming to Glenarden got my arteries pre-clogged just thinking about this.
  • Tiered and Petite, 4344 Farragut Street, Hyattsville 20781. This delightful bakery will make your mouth water. They are open for business. I’ll be visiting soon.
  • Crave It on Main, 14710 Main Street, Upper Marlboro 20774. The food is delicious. Very simply fried without destroying the integrity of the seafood. Light airy, sweet tasty hush puppies. I gotta go before I start drooling.




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