Baker Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage & Gambling

All I can think about is Angela McCaskill, the Gallaudet University employee who signed a petition to bring gay marriage to a referendum vote and as a result of signing this petition, she has been placed on administrative leave by her employer of 23 years.  This is just the sort of retaliation that the church predicted. Dr. Angela McCaskill has served, I would think, to the satisfaction of Gallaudet University as their Chief Diversity Officer but after signing a petition and being reported by a gay staff member, McCaskill is no longer trusted to do her job.  How fair is that?  

County Executive Baker, Governor O’Malley, and President Obama all support the right of gay couples to marry and although the majority of Black churches don’t, any of these men would be welcomed at church and given Sunday.  When the table is turned, we see strong arming of those who do not believe in redefining marriage, bullying, and the denial of the right to free speech.  To his credit, even Governor O’Malley has called for the reinstatement of Angela McCaskill.  Even if she is reinstated, she will probably have to find employment elsewhere.  This public debate over her personal decision has altered the trajectory of her career permanently at Gallaudet.  It will never be the same for her there again.  Never.
If gambling expansion passes, will the area of Oxon Hill where National Harbor is located get a new name like Raljon did when Jack Kent Cooke deemed Landover his personal kingdom?  I mean, if MGM is going to bring a casino,  the name might have to change, right?  Prince George’s County, for better or worse, will be something completely different if MGM moves into the National Harbor.  According to the polls, gambling is coming whether I like it or not.  O’Malley, Baker, et. al. support it and say it will benefit the school system.  I’ve read so much on everything from the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act, to promises from legislators that independent audits will keep the money pouring into schools.  My question is simply, is this the way it has happened in the past and if no, why should I believe it will happen now?  What plan do we have in place to curtail the impending rise in prostitution and organized crime?  And please don’t delude yourself into thinking that we will be the only casino in history to NOT have to deal with drugs, prostitution and organized crime.  Is that what you believe? 




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When has gambling EVER helped any school system? How are the school systems in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Mississippi, and anywhere else that has casinos? Better yet, how’s the educational system on indian reservations around the country? Have gambling profits really helped any of these communities?

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