Baker Talks Change, Crawley Says Goodbye (Demo)

County Executive Baker touted Prince George’s County accomplishments at the State of the Economy address held Wednesday, April 24th at the Woodmore Country Club in Bowie .  For the record, PGC Blog WAS NOT invited to this shindig but I’ll report on it anyway.  Baker lined up the new (not yet delivered) casino, a coming Whole Foods in Riverdale, Woodmore Towne Center aka Wegmanns, Tanger Outlet, the $50 million Economic Development Fund, a Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative that has drastically reduced crime, and a revamped Department of Permitting, Inspection, and Enforcement as evidence that this Prince Rushern BakerGeorge’s County is not the one left in ruins by former County Executive Jack Johnson.  Baker talked about perceptions or Prince George’s county from WHAT I’M TOLD BECAUSE I WASN’T INVITED I CAN’T TELL YOU VERBATIM (bitter much Ceemac?) Baker gave his State of the Economy address to 180 local business leaders and MEDIA OUTLETS. In it, he pressed on in his speech about moving forward, “The Prince George’s County this region is used to dealing with is no more,” Baker said. “I believe people are starting to take notice. Big projects are beginning to come to the county, game changing projects.”  Not only have all the Senators lined up behind Baker’s push for the FBI to relocate its headquarters in Prince George’s County, County Executive Baker has the majority support of all State delegates and senators for his new revamping of the School Board.  Speaking of the school board…


Dr. Alvin Crawley
Dr. Alvin Crawley

On Thursday, April 25, Prince George’s County Public Schools Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alvin L. Crawley notified the Board of Education of his intent to resign effective June 3, 2013. The Board has accepted Dr. Crawley’s resignation. SURPRISE SURPRISE.  Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alvin L. Crawley issued this statement regarding his resignation, “It is with mixed emotions that I submit my letter of resignation effective June 3, 2013. I have enjoyed my tenure as Interim Superintendent of Schools and appreciate the support of our Board, staff, parents, students, and members of the community. I am very proud of the accomplishments we have achieved during my tenure.” 
Statement from the Board of Education, “We are saddened by Dr. Crawley’s decision to leave early; however, due to the passage of the recent legislation changing the governance structure of our school system, we fully understand. We regretfully accept Dr. Crawley’s resignation and express our gratitude and appreciation for his consistent dedication to student achievement.”
I’m pretty sure the County Executive already has someone in mind for the Superintendent position.  I must warn you Baker, report after report is being released on how Michelle Rhee’s reform initiatives actually hurt DC Public Schools (see one HERE)  Don’t use her as your model.



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