Behaving Badly: PGCo Sherrif & Councilwoman Toles (Demo)

A Prince George’s County Sherrif, Lamar McIntyre, stands accused of having oral sex with a female prisoner.

Councilwoman Karen Toles fast and furious ride caught on tape.

Deputy Sheriff Lamar McIntyre has been remanded to the Department of Corrections on a $75,000 bond
On Tuesday, June 19 at approximately 2:00pm, detectives responded to the Department of Corrections for a report of a sexual assault that occurred at the courthouse. Detectives met with the victim, a 34-year old black female inmate who stated that she had been sexually assaulted by a deputy sheriff while awaiting trial at the courthouse.   What scares me about this is that this is just probably the one time he got causght.  The comments on one news site say that McIntyre was arrested for assaulting his wife in 2006.  I don’t know how true that is since int wasn’t part of the article.
Detectives interviewed Deputy Sheriff Lamar McIntyre and he admitted his involvement in this incident. McIntyre has been charged with 2nd Degree Rape.
Karen Toles was fined for reckless driving related to her Feb. 22nd fast and furious ride but spared the 6 additional points to her license that would have initiated the suspension of her license.  After looking at the wrecklessness of her driving on this video, she should have her license taken from her in my opinion.  NO ONE should be allowed to drive this way without some punishment.   Her sentence was probation before judgement; this means no more points added to the 2 points she already has on her license.  Toles will pay a fine of $402 plus $33 in court costs.  Big whoop.  Had that been me or you behind the wheel, there would be hell to pay, especially for me because I don’t have a drivers license yet.  WHO ARE  YOU TO JUDGE ME?!!!




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