Bowie Native’s Fashion Incubator

I must say, the fashion scene in the DC area is coming alive. The DC Fashion Week is the 5th largest and the major designers are all opening stand alone stores here.  Still waiting on Christian Louboutin to pitch a tent in DC. Oh what a glorious tent that would be, but I digress.  Up and coming fashion designers are being featured and assisted so they can actually make it in this area and not have to move to the likes of New York and L.A. to gain credibility.  Citybiz featured Kiah Leigh Rhode, a native of Bowie, MD who founded the fashion industry incubator Style Studies DC.

Kiah Leigh Rhode
Kiah Leigh Rhode

“Style Studies DC was founded in February by 22-year-old Kiah Leigh Rhode, from Bowie, to bring together influential members of the fashion industry and young people interested in fashion. The program is still under construction and held its first series of seminars earlier this month. These seminars were led by players in the local fashion scene, like Wallace, and attended by young people interested in becoming designers, editorialists and public relations representatives in the fashion industry.
 Rhode calls herself a “professional DIYer & creative” and has an eponymous jewelry line.  Rhode says the influx of young people in the D.C. area has helped Washington’s relationship with fashion. “We have more fashion initiative.” said Rhode.
The DC Fashion Incubator and Style Studies DC also are helping to build the area’s fashion scene by working with emerging designers to assist them with their brands and network with potential buyers.”