BRAC in PGCo I “Booo!” You (Demo)

When mentioning BRAC, the Base Realignment and Closure, it is understandable that the Mark Center in Alexandria takes center stage.  There are 6,400 additional staff coming to an already overcrowded, ill-equip corridor. 
But what about Joint Base Andrews/Andrews Air Force Base?  We’re not getting any attention and I want to know why.  I will not be ignored (drops bunny into the pot)
It seems to me that the Andrews Air Force Base is a minor aspect of the BRAC in Maryland. Potential infrastructure issues aren’t brought up at all.  Nobody’s complaining about metro-ing to the base or roads leading there.  Reports on BRAC at Andrews predict a “lesser impact” on PGCo.
Of the five installation movements in Maryland, Andrews Air Force Base received the least amount of military construction funding at $52 million.  Ft. Meade received the second smallest amount at $529.5 million.  That’s a big difference, but Ft. Meade is gaining an additional 20,000 people though. At most, Andrews is gaining 3,000.  Snooze. And BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I’m losing interest in this myself.   Continuing on: Air National Guard Readiness Center and Air Force District of Washington Headquarters Building are the construction highlights for Andrews Air Force Base.  Approximately 600 new personnel will be housed in the Readiness Center and 2,400 personnel will occupy Washington Headquarters building. 
Initially, the Governor’s Subcabinet on BRAC reported that “50% of jobs moving to Maryland will be filled by Marylanders.”   Recently, Defense Media Activities (DMA), a communications agency within the DOD, announced that they will hire a meager 20 to 25% of their staff  from this local area. 
I’ll just stop here.  And again, BOOOOOO!!!!



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