Business: Eastover, Arel Architects, National Harbor & Hot Yoga

Eastover Shopping Center to be redeveloped, Bikram Yoga in PGCo, New eateries at National Harbor, business owner shoots intruder, Temple Hills architecture firm in business with MGM

Temple Hills, minority owned architecture firm Arel Architects, Inc., headed by Ronald Lipford, was picked to act as primary liaison between MGM Resorts International’s design team, which is located in Las Vegas, and Maryland’s Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement.  Arel Architects, Inc. will have this role throughout both the planning and construction phases of the new $925 million MGM National Harbor resort. From Baltimore Business Journal, ” Arel, led by President Ronald Lipford, is already on the job. MGM submitted its detailed site plan to Prince George’s on Feb. 10, kicking off several months of intense local and state review. Lipford served six years as architectural commissioner of the Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Commission. His firm has had roles in the development of New Carrollton Gateway, two county fire stations, a police station and a high school.”
Route 210 Corridor Old NewIn the meantime, PGCo officials better hop on a horse named redevelopment and gallop fast in the direction of the Eastover Shopping Center corridor.  National Harbor is going to be one of the biggest destinations in this region.  Don’t let the word on the street be “Psssst, come here let me tell you something. DO NOT step foot outside the National harbor resort because it’s dangerous.”  That’s what I was told about visiting Jamaica and back in the day, Baltimore Harbor.  My blogger brother Sam over at says that better days are a ‘comin for Eastover.  *And yes Sam, I even jacked one of your images.* Remember folks, when planning news like this is public, we have to become like children when they are told they’re going to McDonalds.  Keep bugging everyone for your cheeseburger.  Eastover minus its tragic state=Our Cheeseburger

Did y’all know that there’s a huge update planned for the Eastover Shopping Center—actually that entire area? I didn’t either! It’s called the Eastover/Glassmanor/Forest Heights Sector Plan and it’s astoundingly ambitious (and nice)! It’s nice to know that the drive to get to National Harbor, the Outlets, etc. will become scenic in a much different way. Now all we need is for development, streetscaping, and public place creation to be in our neighborhood, as opposed to next to it. Check out the site for all the comprehensive information detailing the impending redevelopment, but I’ve included a couple of images to give you an idea of what’s coming . . .

Eastover Gateway Route 210

Deryck Anthony Nedd
Deryck Anthony Nedd

The business owner of Lloyd’s Automotive in Beltsville did the entire county a solid when he shot an intruder who is suspected of robbing businesses through Prince George’s.  The 73-year-old, revolver wielding man was sitting in his office when the suspect, 50-year-old Deryck Anthony Nedd (Couldn’t just spell that Derrick could they AND by the age of 50, I need you to have worked your life out), broke into the store but that wasn’t enough. Deryck Anthony Nedd also broke into the office where our 73-year-old business owner and former race car driver was sitting and minding HIS BUSINESS.  After Nedd broke in, our 73-year-old whipped out his gun and shot the “suspect” in the chest.  According to the Prince George’s Police Department, A confrontation took place and during the confrontation, the owner shot the suspect. The suspect then ran from the store and drove away. He lost control of his car and crashed at the intersection of Virginia Manor Road and Muirkirk Road. Our business owner called 911 and the suspect, Deryck Nedd, was transported to the hospital where he remains in critical condition.
Bikram Yogo PosesNew businesses are opening in Riverdale Park, MD and National Harbor.  Bikram Yoga Studio, known for its “hot yoga” workouts, will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, February 22, at 9:30am at 6202 Rhode Island Avenue, Suite 200, Riverdale Park, MD. This will be the first Bikram/hot yoga studio in Prince George’s County.
Plate ForksIn early spring, National Harbor will welcome Redstone American Grill at 155 National Plaza. Redstone is known for its upscale, casual dining featuring steak, chicken, pork and fish cooked on a wood fired grill. Summer 2014 will bring The Walrus Oyster & Ale House to National Harbor.  Owner Michael Sternberg will take over the space (formerly housed by Ketchup) for his new concept based on the poem The Walrus and the Carpenter. The restaurant will serve Eastern Shore-influenced seafood and feature a raw bar and have a kiosk serving lobster rolls. I heard Ketchup was an awful restaurant so I’m not surprised that it closed. Location isn’t everything. Your food has to be tasty.
Pepper Palace LogoNow open at 112 Waterfront Street, is Pepper Palace. Pepper Palace is your one stop shop for hot sauce, BBQ sauce, salsa, pickled items, jellies and jams, beef jerky, and more! How much heat can you take? Check out the variety of sauces Pepper Palace offers including the Hottest Sauce in the Universe.