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Bill proposed to raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $11.50, Lines for permits to be a thing of the past, Teavana opens in Bowie Town Center, Brandywine Crossing is getting a Carolina Kitchen, Longhorn Steakhouse opens another location at Largo Town Center

Bill proposed to raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $11.50, Lines for permits to be a thing of the past, according to Prince George’s County’s Information Technology team, Teavana opens in Bowie Town Center, Brandywine Crossing is getting a Carolina Kitchen, Longhorn Steakhouse opens another location at Largo Town Center and I am so not impressed.  Don’t want to come off as ungrateful but we have to demand more.  
Raise Minimum WagePrince George’s County bill CB-94-2013 would bring the minimum wage up from $7.25 to $11.50 in yearly increments starting in July 2014 when the minimum wage would be raised to $8.25, the following two years to $10.25 and $11.50.  From the Washington Post: Members of the Montgomery and Prince George’s county councils introduced bills Tuesday to raise the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour, an unusual display of regional collaboration that may soon include D.C. lawmakers.  Maryland requires applicable employers to pay $7.25 an hour, the current federal minimum wage. That amounts to about $15,000 a year for a full-time employee. Sponsors of both bills said the wage is unjustly low, especially in a region where living costs are so high.
“We just believe that now is the time for the residents of Prince George’s County to have an opportunity to have an increase in wages, so they can really keep up with the cost of inflation,” said Prince George’s council Chair Andrea Harrison (D-Springdale).
Keyboard with question keyAll I’ve heard from other bloggers is complaints about how the county’s new website has omitted information that once was there or buried stuff in their new site and no one can find anything anymore.  The Gazette is reporting that county’s new $448k website is the result of consulting with the community and the Information Technology Office needs us to be patient but engaged because features are continually being added.  “Getting permits to build a deck or swimming pool soon won’t require a trip to a Prince George’s County government building. Instead of waiting in lines, residents will be able to file permit applications online, thanks to a new mobile application and feature on its website.
“You can see the progress of the permit, which adds another level of transparency in the process,” said Vennard Wright, the county’s chief information officer/director with the Office of Information Technology. “People can submit their plan online and make their payments there as well.”
TeavanaI know everyone is coffee crazy but not me.  I drink decaf and prefer tea any day over coffee, so it was soothing and exciting to hear that Teavana will be opening in Bowie Town Center.  Teavana is a loose leaf tea emporium.  The shop will sell a variety of loose leaf teas from across the globe as well as tea kettles, teapots, rock sugar, tea cups and mugs and other tea appliances. It will be located on Emerald Way, across from JoS. A. Banks and Francesca’s.  Teavana’s store in Bowie Town Center will be the retailers first location in Prince George’s County and sixth store in Maryland.  Our County’s Economic Development Corporation gave a heads up that T.J. Maxx is coming to The Mall at Prince George’s this Fall, a Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant is opening at  Largo Town Center and another Carolina Kitchen is opening this Fall at the Brandywine Crossing.  I’m really not that impressed with any of this news.  This county needs more than soul food, big box stores and discount clothing stores.  Don’t get me wrong because I love soul food and discounted clothes, trust me I do.  But PGCo residents are on the short end of a long drive when it comes to locating a close Trader Joe’s, Nordstroms, or a independent restaurant groups.  I feel a movement welling up in me.  Let me pay attention to this.



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YES a Trader Joe’s please and an Apple Store so we don’t have to schlep to G-town or Bethesda. Certainly, with the combination of student and faculty–not to mention all the rest of us–College Park could support an Apple store.
I pledge not to buy a Mac until I can purchase one in PG. Furthermore, I won’t shop at Trader J’s until I can visit one in PG. However I will check out the TJ Maxx because I won’t have to go to huge mall in AACO.
Thanks for tracking and for caring Ceemac!

Not too keen on the T.J. Maxx news or Teavana at BTC. My wife was happy 2 see Teavana like you but my issue is the space. We have a tea shop taking up a prime corner spot. I think Longhorn and Carolina Kitchen fit in well w/ those spots.
I’m with yall on attracting nicer stores. To Susan’s point of boycotting MAC, my wife told me about We can start a campagin to bring better retail to the county. I think the issue is retailers not wanting to come to the county. We must tell Nordstrom, Apple, Ruth’s Chris, Trader Joe’s, etc that we won’t buy their product until they open in our county.

This is a post unrelated to this blog topic, but could you cover the pit bull ban issue? There are groups trying to overturn the ban in Pr G County.
Right now service dogs that happen to be PBs are starting to be given an exception from the ban.

Will check it out this weekend.

Hi all, why not just buy local? I know it’s an extra effort, but that’s what it takes to grow a local economy. At the current rate, money earned by Prince Georgians is spent out of County at a pace that is far above that of surrounding districts (slight chicken v. egg argument, but still). Keeping money within the County, by supporting local biz or not just dogmatically patronizing large, national brands is one good first step in getting the stores you’re all clamoring for. EDC is already doing it’s part by getting proactive about attracting business, but they can’t do it all on their own. Let the corporations know you are serious. Keep your money home.
PS. your zip code is recorded every time you swipe a card, that’s one way they track where/how you shop.

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