Home Prices Up, Gambling Bill Luck, Chic-fil-A Struck (Demo)

PGCo’s home prices rise by 8.1%.
Gambling expansion legislation approved by Maryland Senate
New Chick-fil-A opens in District Heights while Frederick store reopens after being vandalized
Tax Free Week in Maryland August 12th – 18th


This time last year, the median home price in Prince George’s County was $160k.  As of this month the median home price is $173k.  Our home prices are still the cheapest in the region but they are creeping up.  According to Real Estate Business Intelligence, one of the contributors to home price increases throughout the DC/MD area is a decrease in home inventory.  I’ve been saying STOP BUILDING and they will come.  Not only has the new home inventory slowed down, residents are choosing not to sell because they don’t have enough equity in their homes to trade up with a new purchase, hence, fewer homes to choose from.    
I wouldn’t want to own a home near National Harbor right now.  Gambling expansion legislation was passed in the Senate by a vote of  28 to 14 on (Aug. 10th) Friday;  Yays were from 25 democrats and Nays from 3 republicans.  If they build a casino AND an outlet mall in that area, it’s going to be chaos.  Haven’t heard any talk of funding for roads, extra pollution, more police, etc.  According to some reports, the House legislation will come with many amendments and even then, passage is not promised.  The House Ways and Means Committee got to hear a very compelling testimony from Ted Neuman, former Democratic member of the Montana House and Senate for eight years in the 1980s when that legislature approved slot machines.

“Everything we heard today we heard when I was in the legislature,” Neuman told the committee. “We were told that we would have huge influx in the general fund,” but it never materialized.  The Montana lawmakers approved “machines everywhere,” Neuman said, and each gambling parlor was accompanied by pawn shops and payday loan stores. “They’ve displaced a lot of other businesses.”   “What it did was took money from the people who weren’t making a lot of money and put it in the pocket of the gaming industry and caused a lot of local industries to be hurt because there was no disposable income,” Neuman said. “You saw a huge increase in embezzlements” directly related to gambling.


Chick-fil-ACounty Councilwoman Karen Toles welcomed the new Chick-fil-A into her district without any political strings attached.  She told the Washington Times, “I’m solely looking at the jobs,” she said. “This is a huge economic boost.”  I wonder how fast Toles drove to get to this engagement.  HAHAHAHAAA!!!  I’m sorry.  No more Toles riding dirty jokes.  Let me speed ahead.  HAHAHA!  That was the last one.  Whew.  Toles declined to address any of the controversy surrounding the remarks made by Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy on same-sex marriage.  Meanwhile on Urban Pike in Frederick, a local Chick-fil-A had its windows coverd in stickers promoting marriage equality, homemade signs and a gay pride flag.  Frederick County Sheriff’s office received a report of vandalism Sunday morning.   Thankfully there is video surveillance of the suspect, the police reported.
August 12th-18th is Maryland’s Tax Free Week.  Purchases for clothing and shoes priced at $100 or less per item qualify as a tax free purchase.  Even purchases made online, and layaway items are eligible.  Be careful though because there are exceptions: school supplies,  accessories, including  jewelry, watches, watchbands, handbags, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, scarves, ties, headbands, belt buckles, and backpacks will be taxable.  And special clothing or footwear designed primarily for protective use and not for normal wear, such as football pads, will be taxable. See the Shop Maryland site for more fine print.

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