Business Round-up: Walmart, Foodtrucks, Liquor, and (hiccup) Walmart, and New Carrollton

YES! PGCo to have food trucks, NO! They still don't want a Super Walmart. Hiccup! Liquor on Sunday. Whew! Walking tour of New Carrollton's new downtown

Walmart Before After smallGlenndale. Lottsford, Glensford, and Legend Glen residents, be informed that there will be a Walmart Community Open House regarding the 24-hour Super Walmart planned for Duvall Village Shopping Center. It happens Saturday May 2nd, 11am-1pm, 4825 Glenn Dale Road, Bowie, MD 20720 (former Super Fresh store).  To RSVP or for more information contact or call (240) 223-3511.  Listed topics include: store design*traffic management (can’t wait to hear the plan for THAT)*economic benefits and jobs*retailmix*safety*small business impacts*vendor opportunities.
As you know, residents of the surrounding area have been vocal about not wanting this Walmart in their community.  The Prince George’s County Planning Board approved the plans but the people of the area have vowed to appeal. 
Food Truck smallPrince George’s County’s Council finally moved into the present day by approving legislation to create food truck “hubs” in the county.  With the effort, and I use that term loosely, to create downtown areas within the county, food trucks will be a major source of food.  The legislation creates food truck hubs in public parks, areas close to metro/MARC, light rail stations, and other special areas authorized by the county so if there’s a special event going on at National Harbor, Hyattsville, etc., they have a fighting chance to bring in food trucks.
New Carrollton SealSpeaking of downtown areas, I’m going on the walking tour of New Carrollton this Saturday, April 25th, 10:00am-12noon.  The Coalition for Smarter Growth is sponsoring this event.  Got to their site HERE and register for the event. I don’t know how to get to New Carrollton metro from the Upper Marlboro area so this will be a learning experience on many fronts. HAHA!!! Begin praying now. 
From the Coalition for Smarter Growth‘s website: Join the Coalition for Smarter Growth and partners to learn how New Carrollton Metro station area is on the verge of becoming a new, connected downtown for Prince George’s County. As a job center, the terminus of both the Orange and Purple Lines, Amtrak and MARC train service, the area is poised to be a smart growth destination. Come explore how new plans and transit-oriented development will shape the area for decades by transforming parking lots and vacant land into a vibrant mixed-use place connected by walkable streets and a wealth of transit options.
Martini glasses on barLooks like our newly walkable streets could be filled with tipsy revelers Sunday through Sunday now that Governor Hogan has signed legislation allowing for the sale of liquor in Maryland on Sundays.  Wow. So say goodbye to treks to DC for Sunday booze.  There are caveats.  From the University of Maryland’s, “The law allows the county liquor board to issue permits allowing for the sale of liquor on Sundays to no more than 100 liquor stores in the county out of an estimated 160 stores that could be eligible. Eligibility is based on reinvesting at least $50,000 in the business within a year of obtaining the permit.
Under the current law, some liquor stores, such as College Park Liquors and #1 Liquors, have to remain closed on Sundays. Other stores, such as Town Hall Liquors, have a different license that allows them to sell just beer and wine on Sundays. If these stores obtain the new permits — which include a $750 application fee and an annual permit fee of between $1,000 and $2,500 — they will be allowed to sell beer, wine and liquor on Sundays from 8 a.m. to midnight. The legislative analysis of the bill concluded the county would receive more than $200,000 in revenue from permit fees alone.



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Actually, I am one of the few residents who is glad to see Walmart (although I understand the apprehension from the single family homes across the street). Something is being built in the Office Park on Lottsford-Vista Road and Forbes Boulevard (next to Deerpark water). It’s my understanding Giant and Safeway have an injunction for any Super-Walmarts to deter competition. Stores like Walmart on Rt. 301 and Target (down from there) have staples akin to 7-11, but no mass items.

I’d love to have a Walmart there, especially if it’s a SuperWalmart. Only downfall will be traffic, there’s not a lot of space there.

Terrible location for a WalMart of any size.

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