Candidate Hits and Misses: State Senate and House, County Council and Executive

My take on the candidates forum for County Council Districts 5 & 6, some State Senate, some House seats. Yes one candidate avoided me. Rosero was cool. One said she doesn't want her mom living with her. One talked about affordable housing needs. There were some definite hits and misses.
Photo from The Diamondback, Graphic by Evan Berkowitz

There’s a Maryland candidate’s forum happening Wednesday, May 30th for those running for County Executive.  I’ll reserve space here to insert a wrap up; I’m sure it’ll be brief considering the candidates running for PGCo Executive: States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, former Rep. Donna Edwards, former Lt. Governor (1979-81) and currently elusive Sam Bogley, Billy Bridges, Lewis Johnson, native Washingtonian and Parliment Funkadelic fan-his bio says- Michael Kennedy, Tommie Thompson, lone Republican Jerry Mathis, State Senator C. Anthony Muse, and Paul Monteiro. There is tea in the water between Jerry Mathis and C. Anthony Muse. Once upon a time, then Prince George’s County Community College trustee Jerry Mathis sought to run for the Dist. 8 County Council seat in Muse’s district. Muse, in an effort to cull the heard and some say as payback for Matthis killing support for a Muse-proposed mega-soccer stadium, actually sponsored a bill that would not allow Matthis to run for the seat. Read up on it here
I attended the candidates forum last week that featured those running for State Senate Districts 22-25, the House of Delegates Districts 22, 23B, 24, 25, & 26, and County Council Districts 5 and 6. There were some hits, lots of misses. 
FIRST, go to the General Assembly website and find out who represents you so you can get busy checking out your candidates. Now let’s briefly look at some of the candidates who are hits and the misses. 
A hit in State Senate District 25 race? Angela Angel is simply the one. GET IT ANGELA! She has a firm grasp of the political process and legislation, unlike Douglas JJ Peters who couldn’t recall what DACA was. Man for real? DACA? But I digress. Delegate Angela Angel is running for the seat being vacated by Ulysses Currie, who stood trial for bribery, corruptions, resigned his seat then rescinded his resignation. All a mess. Angela is a lawyer with political experience and she’s survived domestic abuse and homelessness. As a legislator, she has put the work into creating bills to benefit the county. What impressed me was her ability to recount how the state had to put in place a tax bill to counter the tax cuts that were eliminated on the federal level. Angela is running against former delegate Melony Griffith (a miss) and newcomer veterinarian Jonathan Rosero (a hit actually). I like Rosero and believe his time to win is coming; someone like Angela or one of the new At-Large councilpersons needs to have him working for them. And I do mean NEW at-large councilpersons. See the WPost’s endorsements for County Council. 

Rochelle Mincey Thompson

Rochelle Mincey Thompson is a hit. She’s running for the District 5 Council seat being vacated by term-limited Andrea Harrison. Rochelle is in-tune with the county’s need for affordable housing and the needs of working-class people. I just don’t think Jolene Ivey can be the person of the people needed by District 5. Speaking of former House Delegate Jolene Ivey, she was endorsed by the Washington Post but not by me. I’m just saying. Ain’t I a woman? Sorry y’all; I veered off. Ivey was a bit standoffish when I met her and while responding to the moderator’s question about senior housing in PGCo, Ivey talked about the need for seniors, like her mom, need to have options because she wouldn’t want her mom to come live with her. There was a collective “What did she just say,” in the the forum audience. People around me were like, “…did she just say…” HA! But seriously, Rochelle is running against Ivey, five-term mayor of Bladensburg Walter James (reminds me too much the problem with the council), Albert Slocum (a serious, serious MISS), and Patricia Waiters (another miss). 
Everette Browning is running for State Senate District 24 and has to be elected because State Senator Joanne C. Benson has been at this long enough. She talks a good game but her time is up. A guy sitting next to me pointed out that Benson had declined to vote on minimizing drug sentences for persons caught with small amounts of marijuana, a bill that would greatly impact minority populations. I checked it out and he is right. Tiffany Alston is running too (in more ways than one) and while I believe she deserves a second chance,  I just don’t think she’s the candidate to best represent Maryland State Senate District 24 right now.
Tim Adams is the hit. Douglas JJ Peters is a miss. I can only describe my interaction with him as odd. I managed to get him to talk about the PGCo school

Tim Adams

situation and we agreed that it’s not the ginormous mess that the press wants the area to believe, but there was something not present about Peters. Maybe he was preoccupied with a possible federal investigation. Iownknow but he wasn’t all together lovely.
The Washington Post made some good endorsements for Gerron Levi and Calvin Hawkins for the At-Large Council race. Lord knows we CANNNNNNNNOT put Mel Franklin and Karen Toles back in office. We’ve all suffered enough. Also I’d like to note that we support Nick Charles’ race for District 25 Delegate seat and Ron Watson over incumbent and Del. Joseph Vallario who for too long has used his position as MD House Judiciary Committee Chair to benefit his private, defense law business. 

Councilman Derrick L. Davis

My councilman Derrick Leon Davis, also endorsed by the Washington Post, is definitely going to win again. His challengers, Duane Staples (a hit) and Ryan Greene were good though.  They all attend the same church so I’m not sure how you hallelujah through all that. Staples and Greene stood their ground on their points, which were mostly that PGCo needs more, but as I see it, Councilman Davis is doing everything he can to bring businesses and thoughtful development to the county and District 5. He deserves a chance to continue. 




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