Car Arsonist on the Loose: 9 Fires/24 Hours

There have been a series of 9 automobile fires set my some nut(s) throughout Prince George’s County.  The fires took place in the early morning hours from Wednesday the 24th to Thursday the 25th; most occurring within the area of Kettering/Largo/Upper Marlboro.  Fire Investigators believe these incidents of arson and vandalism are linked and are seeking information from the public about who may be responsible.  If you have ANY INFORMATION  about these crimes is asked to call the Arson Hotline at 301-77-ARSON (27766).  Tips may be left anonymously. Information can also be emailed to
Residents are asked to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 911. Note a description of the suspicious activity including a description of any person and vehicle. A vehicle tag number is particularly helpful.   Be on the lookout! Please pass this on to the young people in your life because I have a strong suspicion that the perpetrators are not in their 40s.

Below is a list of dates, times and locations of the auto fires.
Date Time Address
10/24/12 0327hrs 5700 block of Westgate Rd, Lanham-Seabrook
10/24/12 0424hrs Unit block of Barberry Ct, Upper Marlboro/Kettering
10/24/12 0548hrs 3100 block of Altair Ln, Upper Marlboro
10/24/12 0609hrs  10700 block of Pookey Way, Upper Marlboro
10/25/12 0036hrs 13100 block of Keverton Dr, Upper Marlboro/Kettering
10/25/12 0102hrs  12200 block of Kings Arrow St, Kettering
10/25/12 0116hrs   Abbotswood Ct/Kettering Dr, Kettering
10/25/12 0127hrs  11500 blk of Burning Tree Ct, Lake Arbor/Kettering
10/25/12 0132hrs   500 block of Etna Dr, Largo/Kettering



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Uhhh, seriously though, this is waaaaaaaaaaay too close for comfort. 🙁 I had heard about the car fires but did not know the area.

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