Mammy May I? (Demo)

Whether by way of minstrel show posters, radio announcements for Aunt Jemima, Darkie Toothpaste (a Colgate Palmolive product) or Popeyes chicken commercials, the advertising industry has done a simply fantastic job of capitalizing off of hate-filled, racist, stereotypical

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Prince George’s County Council: Just Say No (Demo)

They’re all democrats.  Together they vote and agree on their yays and nays, whether it be legislation or appointments.  I guess there’s something to say for togetherness but there’s more to say about checks, balances, and accountability.  I’m talking about

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Jack Johnson: Sins of the Father (Demo)

I felt I needed to see the job description for the Prince George’s County, County Executive for myself so I could know the difference between what Jack Johnson did and what he was actually supposed to do. Unlike

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