Central Ave., College Park, Purple Line, Strip Clubs at Dark

Strip clubs addressed but not really by Baker administration, Central Avenue corridor coming up, but will that corridor include strip clubs? College Park turning into a bonafide college town with all the amenities, Will the amenities include the Purple Line? Only if it's done on the cheap, says Gov. Hogan

Barry StantonI am uber disappointed with the county’s response to the Fox 5 news investigation of strip clubs in Prince George’s County. First of all, County Executive Baker wasn’t at the press conference.  Secondly, one of the guys who was there, Barry Stanton, deputy chief administrative officer for public safety, noted that the county has been dealing with the problem of strip clubs for years, “Dealing with violations in dance hall clubs is not new to this administration.” The people of Prince George’s County are working their way to an uproar over these strip clubs that do business as “banquet halls” in the county. Please Mr. Baker, take the time to personally address this because the residents expect that.  I get that the county has open cases against some of these strip club owners. WTOP reported that “in January alone, the county issued four violations,…Additionally, the county is in litigation with more than 10 businesses for not complying with the law.” Check out the entire story with clips from the press conference at MyFoxDC.com.
Central Avenue Corridor MapI am going to the community meeting and an update on the Central Avenue Metro Blue Line Corridor project, Thursday, February 26, 6:30–8:00 p.m., the Omega Room, St Margaret’s Catholic Church, 410 Addison Road South, Seat Pleasant, MD 20743. Join me. I am interested in how this area will be developed out.  Did you know that Irvings strip club is located along the Central Avenue corridor? Now WH-AT is the Planning Committee going to do about that?
College Park sidewalkWashingtonian did a story on how College Park is in the process of becoming a college town.  In looking at reasons why past development opportunities hadn’t come to fruition, Washingtonian attributed it to this, “Saddled with the perception of Prince George’s as a less prosperous, higher-crime area, the town rarely won the competition for development dollars.” Wow and ouch.  But be encouraged. The article goes on to show the brighter side of transit oriented development efforts, university groundbreaking on its own innovation district, deal for a $115-million, four-star hotel and  conference center (The Hotel at University of Maryland) to be built across the street from the university’s main gate, the $250-million mixed-use development featuring Prince George’s first Whole Foods, and several other high-rise, mixed use developments.  Planning for these developments will include space for culture and art related endeavors.
A big draw to the College Park area is going to be the $2.45 billion, yet to be built Purple Line train.  The Washington Post is reporting that Maryland’s Governor Hogan is pressuring bidding contractors to find a cheaper way of building the Purple Line.  Ummmm, not a good idea to cut corners in the building of mass transportation.  “Maryland transportation oPurple Linefficials have pushed back by five months a major bid deadline for private companies seeking to build and operate a Purple Line, saying the firms requested more time to find cheaper ways to do the $2.45 billion light-rail project…Hogan criticized the project during the gubernatorial race as being too expensive but asked Pete K. Rahn, his nominee for Maryland transportation secretary, to analyze whether it could be done more cheaply. Rahn told The Post in an interview Feb. 12 that he was meeting with bidders to see if they wanted more time and “flexibility” to reduce costs.”



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