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Domestic violence case ends with suspect being shot, Hyattsville’s Plaza 22 loft condos head to foreclosure bidding, Parents HOT AS FISH GREASE over the new school bus policy, Karl Granzow sentence to jail for bribery, etc.; Jack Johnson strikes again
Good Day my PGC BLOG NATION!!!!! I’m calling you a “Nation” in faith because in reality, you are a MAJOR minority but we’re working on it.  Hahaaahahaaa!  *Sidebar* Learn to laugh at yourself.  It relieves stress.* I debated as to what to post so I’m doing the PGCo Potpourri; it’s a little bit of everything.  Hope it doesn’t smell funny. 
What is really scary about this case is that it seems to me that dude was going to come back and stab this girl.  In this month of Domestic Violence Awareness, women and men need to take heed to to the signs of things going awry in your relationship.  Listen, on your WORST day, you are STILL SUPPOSED to be treated well.  On October 7th, around 7:05 p.m., officers responded to the 3500 block of 55th Avenue, Bladensburg, after a woman called 911 and said she was being threatened by her ex-boyfriend. An officer arrived on scene and located the victim, who reported that the suspect had kicked in her apartment door, assaulted her, and then fled the scene.

Damon Earl Wilson
Damon Earl Wilson

A woman reported to the 911 Emergency Operator that her ex-boyfriend had kicked in the door of her Bladensburg residence and assaulted her.  The Po-Po responded and while the officer was investigating, the suspect, who was armed with a knife, returned to the scene. The officer confronted the suspect, Damon Earl Wilson, and gave him multiple verbal commands, ordering him to drop the weapon.  Wilson refused to comply and continued advancing towards the officer while still armed with the knife.  According to Police, the officer was forced to fire his service weapon to stop Wilson.  After the shooting, Wilson was taken to a local hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition. A warrant has been obtained for Wilson, of the 5400 block of Newton Street, Hyattsville, charging him with attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, and several additional charges in connection with this incident.  This could have ended in the death of this young woman.  Please take your time and be safe out there.
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence site HERE
Plaza 22 CondominiumPlaza Lofts 22 is one of the most high-end condominium projects in Prince George’s County, and it failed. Why?  Located in walking distance of the  Green Line Metro station, topped with an environmentally friendly roof and a zinc exterior. the Plaza 22 condos have not sold one single unit since its completion four years ago.  Again I ask, why?  Please see the Washington Post article for details on the complex foreclosure and all the icky details.  Hyattsville is on the come up in a major way so I’ll read up on this mess and get back to you with an answer to my own question: why?
Washington Post Article HERE.

I knew when they rolled this foolishness out as their new policy that it wasn’t going to work.  Children are walking further (up to 1 1/2 miles) to get to school and the bus fleet has been reduced by 130 buses.  Middle schoolers and high school students are smushed up on the bus together and the buses are frequently running late.  Of all the places where the government could have cut, it should not have been anywhere near the wounded education system.  Read the article and chime in here.  What have been your experiences with school buses?
Karl Granzow
Karl Granzow

That Jack Johnson took a LOT of people down with him, not that they didn’t have it coming but, DERN.  Karl Granzow is a “retired”Deputy Chief of the Prince George’s County Fire Department who got his hands caught in the cookie jar as he bribed and cheated his way into different deals and favors related to Greenbelt Station, a planned 240-acre development in which he had a major stake.  It seems quite a tangles web between him, former councilman Thomas R.  Hendershot and developer Patrick Ricker.  It’s an ugly story of privilege and deeply rooted families with political ties.  Story hereThe end of Granzow’s story reads like this: U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte sentenced retired Prince George’s County Fire Department official Karl Granzow, age 47, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, today to 18 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for conspiring to commit extortion and cause false statements to be filed with the Federal Election Commission and to income tax evasion. Judge Messitte also entered an order that Granzow pay a fine of $10,000 and forfeit his financial interest in Greenbelt Metropark.  FBI release here in its entirety.

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I know Damon, he is a total scumbag. A sociopath of the worst kind, he burgles people he gets to know after casing their houses. If he gets out after this, do not let him in your house. He will case it and come back later to rob the place. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.

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