O’Malley Releases Draft of Gambling Bill (Demo)

O’Malley releases draft bill  intended to expand gaming into Prince George’s County, allow video slots and table games.
Governor O’Malley has preempted the next episode of “As the Slots Machine Turns” by releasing a press release on the draft legislation stating: “The legislation we are sending to the members of the General Assembly will create predictability in the marketplace, protect local and city aid being generated at existing sites, ensure authorized facilities are able to be built, and allow the people of Prince George’s County the opportunity to decide whether they want a sixth site for the benefit of their county and revenue base.”   The legislation would bring a casino to National Harbor or Rosecroft by 2016. 
When last we left you, David S. Cordish, a man promised that no other gambling casino would be allowed to compete with his beloved Maryland Live! casino for years, was feverishly typing emails to legislators detailing what he would find an acceptable, albeit uneasy, relationship between his Anne Arundel casino and the new tramp on the corner, MGM/Peterson Cos. National Harbor Casino.  But as Cordish typed out his woes and demanded more shares of profits and lower taxes as a salve to his wounds, another scorned casino emerged to say that they have lost money as a result of Maryland Live’s! new thriving business.


In the midst of a rainy night, fedora atop his head, draped in a trench coat, Gov. O’Malley is whisked away to the Bayou.  *sidebar* It’s the dead of summer and I’m sure there was no hat or trench coat but WORK WITH A SISTA’S CREATIVE LICENSE PLEASE.  *end sidebar*  O’Malley traveled to Louisiana the weekend of August 4th to deliver a keynote address for the Democratic party.  Louisiana is a gambling state.  Could it be that he was ALSO there to get advice on how they brought legalized slots in 1997 to New Orleans.  Hopefully O’Malley can sneak off to a speakeasy and hear the real dirt on how their then Governor Edwards was convicted for taking bribes and the major dirt on how the FBI had to come in after the mob set up shop in New Orleans casinos.   
If you recall, O’Malley, prior to being whisked off in the night to Louisiana, met in July with Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, County Exec R. Baker, and Mont. Co. Exec. Isiah Leggett.  Guess who came along for the Louisiana trip with O’Malley and delegation to take some “economic development tours”? Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  Baltimore’s mayor is fresh off of the victory of being awarded Maryland’s fifth slots license, which opens the way for Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. to open the casino Harrah’s Baltimore within a cozy vicinity to M&T Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. 
Baltimore resident Gwyn Eppard reportedly said she received a phone call purporting to be on behalf of Baltimore Democrat Delegate Sandy Rosenberg.  Rosenberg, calling this “pretty sleazy,” denies that her office contracted any business to solicit support for the expansion of gambling.  *sidebar* This Gwyn Eppard in the article is also listed as a member of the 1776 Tea Party, so ummmm…. *end sidebar*  The Baltimore Sun reports that the caller “seemed to want a casino in Prince George’s.”

As the day grows closer to the August 9th EMERGENCY SESSION of the Maryland Legislature, PGC Blog will continue posting on this unfolding drama.

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