Councilman Mel Franklin Gets DUI

Mel Franklin
Councilman Mel Franklin

Councilman Mel Franklin was arrested for driving while under the influence on November 11th, according to media reports. ABC 7 reported, “Jamel [Mel] Ramon Franklin was charged with Driving Under the Influence after he allegedly crashed into a vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light on Wednesday, November 11, according to Maryland State Police. In addition, the council member allegedly fled the scene and hid from police for up to eight minutes, according to documents obtained by ABC7.   [NOW THIS is a shame] A man and woman inside the vehicle the council member crashed into were both taken to a hospital. The woman suffered a concussion and other injuries. The man was admitted and then released. The impact of the crash was so great that the Mercedes they were driving was totaled.
The crash took place around 11:30 p.m. at Pennsylvania Avenue and Dower House Road.”
Mel Franklin is a 2nd term councilman representing District 9 ( Accokeek, Aquasco, Baden, Brandywine, Cheltenham, Clinton, Eagle Harbor, Fort Washington, Piscataway, and Upper Marlboro.). He’s eligible to run for one of the 2 at-large Council seats that were voted into being in November. The at-large seats are not term limited and I’m sure Mel had his eye on one. I say “had” because it is my hope that Melly-Mel will take some time off to evaluate his issues.
I received an email in 2013 from a person alleging that in June/July of 2013, Councilman Mel Franklin was involved in a “texting while driving” vehicle accident that totaled a PGCo owned vehicle. “Mel Franklin was in an accident in June/July in county car texting while driving with tag number 8MD6205 MD 2010 Ford Explorer,” is what was written in the email. See the picture below.
mel-franklin-car-accidentmel-franklin-dui-feature I never posted the information because I didn’t know if it was true and I didn’t want any trouble.  I still can’t attest to the validity of the above but you, my super-sleuths, can help me follow the tag number. I have nothing against the Councilman but if this is a pattern of his, he needs to come under the full prosecution of the law. Take that drivers license of his away and put him on the buses and subways. Maybe that’ll speed up the transit oriented development. 

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Well… the Setinel only reports a few speeding tickets on Mel’s record
So IDK if the crash is legit. If it is, he was not ticketed for the wreck.

DUDE! Tracee Wilkins has photos and evidence from a couple of 2012 accidents, including a total loss of an SUV in Dec 2012 because of Mel’s driving, not to mention various speeding tickets. Check out her twitter!

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