County Council Candidate Cronyism

PGCo's District 6 race is already interesting. We explore the candidacy of Nakia Wright and her connection to councilman D.L. Davis.

I mentioned before that I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on the district where I reside: County Council District 6, MD congressional District 4, state delegate district 25 (Laaawd Karen Toles in running and has been appointed to the seat). I encourage you to take a look at who currently represents you at the local and state level so you know who’s supposed to be doing what with your tax dollars.

There are some interesting developments that I’m hearing about the County Council’s District 6 race.

District 6 Council Candidates
(l-r) Blegay, Holt Steeter, Smith, Wright

First off, the current councilman, Derrick L. Davis, is ALLEGEDLY set to step down as councilman before the end of his term and become the leader of the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corp. It is also ALLEGED on the PGCo political streets that Davis plans on appointing current council candidate Nakia Wright to the acting District 6 council position. I have a VERIFIABLE problem with this.

Derrick Leon Davis
Councilman Davis and me.

If these alleged plans are true, I’m going on record as being opposed to gifting a council membership to Nakia Wright. Currently, Nakia is the first lady of a church in Forestville and a long-time volunteer for various campaigns, boards and causes. You can read for yourself in her bio that she’s been appointed to a board by Councilman Davis in the past, “Councilman Derrick Davis appointed Nakia Wright to serve on the Joint Land Use Study task force to serve as a Liaison for the Faith Based Community.” A Wright appointment would be wrong; It reeks of cronysim. I’m sure if I dig further, I’ll find that Councilman Davis is a friend to Nakia’s husband and their church. *sigh*

Derrick L. DavisCouncilman D.L. Davis has fallen out of favor over the years. Davis’s debacles have included proposing an Amazon distribution center be built in the Westphalia community (a mess), an attempt at increasing property taxes, Camerron Grove /Six Flags adjacent property land use controversy (another mess), and Davis’s most recent foray into the national media when his proposed redistricting map was trashed but, ultimately, passed.

His support of Nakia Wright is another turn in the wrong direction and has the potential to go even more wrong. I am so tired of the cliques, cronyism, and career politicians. Now don’t get me wrong: I believe in supporting politicians who show they are worthy of promotion. Best example of this is former Delegate Erek Barron. He’s now the Maryland States Attorney and he achieved this of his own merit.

That’s not the case here. I’m sure District 6 candidate Nakia Wright is a nice first lady and a good volunteer, but Wright would be wrong as a council member; that’s my opinion. I have one about each candidate, so stay tuned.  Keep your ear to the ground about the County Executive race too. Candidate Sherman Hardy seems like a serious contender.

Postscript: I was an early supporter of Davis; he was one of the only officials who would meet with me. He worked so hard to make PGCo and District 6 a standout destination. His State of the District meetings kept us excited about his support of development. I still have hope that he’ll return to being that guy.

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