County Crazy Crime Spree (Demo)

Too much crime has happened since Friday March 30th.  It paints this picture of Prince George’s County as that dangerous, Black county right outside of DC aka Ward 9.  I have to post truthful accounts of what happened but it pains me to be a part of the media blasting of Prince George’s as the criminal county.  Here’s a way to shut me up and all other media outlets: tell on the people around you who are up to no good BEFORE they do something stupid like take a life. When you see an argument escalating out of control, call the police.  Be proactive so that we don’t have more days like this.  

Friday March 30th

Friday morning, a man/punk dressed as a courier invaded a home on the 4000 block of Hamilton Street Friday.  The only thing he was really carrying was a semi-automatic gun and a small amount of cash and belonging from the people in the home.  That had to be terrifying.  The police warn to not respond to any couriers unless you are sure you’re expecting a delivery. Anyone with information is asked to call Criminal Investigations at 301-985-5060. If you have a suspicious person at the door, call the police at 301-985-5050. Post these numbers somewhere convenient.

  • Crazy Courier story HERE (Hyattsville Patch)

11pm. Also in Hyattsville near The Mall at Prince George’s , 6700 block of Northwest Drive, there was triple shooting with no fatalities.  The shooting stemmed from an argument.  So what reasonable human being wouldn’t resolve their squabble with a healthy round of gunfire?  ME THAT’S WHO! 
9:46pm. 17 year old Capitol Heights resident Brandon Wiggins was killed in a gun battle in the parking lot of  an apartment building on 1600 block of Brightseat Road in Landover.  Police describe this shooting as a possible robbery related to a drug war.  Prince George’s County Police have identified the shooter and anticipate closing this investigation shortly.  There seems to be a pattern of crime and trouble at the apartments located on Brightseat Road.  Maybe the police will target this area for the summer.

Saturday, March 31st


1:21am. Another possible robbery attempt left 19 year old Lester Amilcar Flores-Quintanilla dead of a gunshot wound in Lewisdale, which is near Hyattsville.  Quintanilla was a known member of the MS-13 gang, according to the police, but they don’t know if that had anything to do with his murder.
7:06p.  Suitland, 3500 block of Terrace Drive was the scene of a domestic dispute that left 27 year old Ashley McClurkin dead of a gunshot wound to her head at the hands of Audrea Blackwell, 24 years old.  Blackwell also accidentally shot herself.  She’s now in custody.  What a mess.
Cristalina Warner

11pm. Cristalina Warner of Ackokeek initially reported her 83 year old grandmother, Dorothy Ogden,  as missing, but when authorities arrived, they found Ogden’s dead body wrapped in plastic.  Cristalina Warner later confessed to shooting her grandmother to death, police said.

Sunday, April 1st

8:19am.  David Shaw attempted to rob six people in a home at 2700 block of Judith Avenue in District Heights.  Shaw shot one person in the leg before having the gun wrestled from him and being shot to death by the person who wrestled the gun.  The police believe the killing was a justifiable act of self defense and I believe the same.
11:31am.  A shooting at 2500 block of Afton Street in Hillcrest Heights was related to a robbery attempt resulted in a person being shot.  The injuries were non life threatening.  The Police say that they anticipate an arrest soon.
Here is the Prince George’s County Police Press Conference on the weekend crime spree.

And the Summer hasn’t even dawned on the city yet.  My God.

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