Crazy and/or Stupid (Demo)

Registered sex offender is impersonating Philadelphia Eagles’ Vince Young in PGCo, 10 year old has workout video, Greenbelt’s Tracey Carter on Maury Povich this Thursday as a hot, garlic infused mess, Maryland Pay Phone owner bilks folk out of millions, Deion Sanders opens Prime Prep Academy

Stephan Pittman is showing up at events, visiting kids in the hospital AND taking payment for appearances as Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Vince Young.

C.J. Senter is a 10 year old has workout video aimed at children his age.  His take on combating childhood obesity.

    Greenbelt resident to appear on Maury Povich so she can be shown she looks better in real clothes as opposed to this monstrosity she showed up in.

  • Crazy stupid

Nicolaos Kantartzis is being arraigned in Greenbelt due to wire fraud charges that allege he rigged phones to make crank calls to toll free numbers.  Scheme went on for 6 years and it’s looking like this jerk will get a plea deal.

Deion Sanders is opening a charter school in Texas.  I hope this is not another one of his get back in the public eye schemes.  Children need quality education and the new school, Prime Prep Academy, better not be another one of his failed attempts at post-NFL recognition.


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