Crazy County Crashes and Crime (Demo)

Former PGCo police officer denied a new trial, ANOTHER plane crash in Bowie, and Two cases of what love does NOT look like neither does it behave.

I have always thought former Prince George’s county police officer Keith Washington was some kind of off-balanced nut job.  Washington was also a personal driver for former county executive Jack Johnson; Johnson also appointed him as Deputy Homeland Security Director.  He was convicted in 2007 of killing a furniture deliveryman as the man was exiting his home.  One of the delivery men phoned their supervisor to say the Keith Washington had gone ballistic about a scratch on the delivered headboard and he was acting like he “wanted a fight.”  Moments later, as they exited Washington’s house, both deliverymen had been shot; one died.  Turns out Washington had a history of being sued and losing his temper, control, and laying his professional ethics aside. See blog post here

Keith Washington
Keith Washington

From NBC Washington, “Keith Washington, who was also a county homeland security official, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and first-degree assault in the 2007 shooting death of Brandon Clark. A second delivery man, Robert White, was wounded during the incident at Washington’s Accokeek home. Washington claimed the men attacked him first, and he fired in self-defense. He requested a new trial on the basis that his original attorney did not represent him appropriately.
Washington’s new lawyer argued there were 23 errors in his trial and that his former defense attorneys failed to call witnesses who would have supported Washington’s claim that he acted in self-defense. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison. While Washington’s request for a new trial was denied, he can still ask for a three-judge panel to review his sentence. The panel would have the option of increasing, decreasing or leaving his sentence the same.”
Freeway AirportWhat is going on at Freeway Airport in Bowie?  Yesterday, Labor Day 2013, a small plane crashed into the woods at Church Road and Rt. 50, slowing traffic to a crawl on one of the most traveled days of the year.    WUSA9 reported, “Police received the call from at approximately 3:50 p.m. by a motorist who witnessed the plane crash. This was a four-seat aircraft, officials said. Hamzat crews remained on the scene after firefighters cleared it to pump fuel from the plane. Caderal Jones a motorist who witnesses the wreck said , “the plane just came right over the top of my car, and did a nose dive right into the bushes.”  Various accounts of the wreckage say that the female passenger had a large gash on her head, the male passenger appeared to have broken legs and gashes, and the pilot had life threatening injuries and was flown to shock trauma in Baltimore.

But less than two weeks ago on August 24th, there was another plane that crashed that left out of Freeway AirportPrince George’s County Fire Department spokesman Mark Brady says the single engine Cessna Skyhawk plane was taking off at the Freeway Airport around 10 a.m. when it tumbled off the runway and landed upside down in a cornfield. The pilot and three passengers were able to walk to the terminal building to get help. The plane is owned by the airport, and officials say the group had rented the aircraft and were on a sightseeing flight. –
PGC Blog thinks it’s time for some officials to make a lil site visit to Freeway Airport.
And in our first episode of “This is NOT how love behaves” we have for your learning moment Ms. Helen Marie Newsome and a Mr. Avery Joshua Lewis.
H. Newsome (l), A. Lewis (r)
H. Newsome (l), A. Lewis (r)

Mr. Avery Joshua Lewis is 17 years old.  I have shoes older than Mr. Lewis.  The 17 year stands accused of killing a 20-year-old man with whom he was having a romantic relationship. Police on Saturday arrested 17-year-old TyLee Lindale Dodson, of Landover, in the stabbing death of 20-year-old Avery Joshua Lewis. Police say the attack occurred outside Dodson’s home on Allendale Drive and followed an argument.  Officers responding to a report of a stabbing around 12:30 Saturday found an injured Lewis outside. He later died at a hospital.  Police say Dodson admitted stabbing Lewis and faces charges of first- and second-degree murder. He’s being charged as an adult. Story from ABC2.
Also taking place in Landover, Prince George’s County Police say they have arrested Helen Marie Newsome after she broke into a home of an ex-boyfriend in Landover and attempted to kill his child. According to police, 26-year-old Helen Marie Newsome of Landover broke into a home in the 6700 block of Munsey Street in Landover on Saturday morning. They say she walked into a bedroom where a young boy was sleeping, grabbed a pillow and place it over the boy’s face. Police say Newsome then began striking him in the head with a weapon.  Police say the boy received head injuries but was able to escape and run outside to a neighbor’s home for help. The boy was taken to the hospital, treated, and released, say police.  Newsome was arrested at her home later on Saturday. Ms. Newsome also admitted her “involvement in the crime.”   Newsome is charged with first degree attempted murder, and is being held on a $500,000 bond, say police.

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