Crazy Week Nationally and Locally (Demo)

Crazy Mouth Open CrazyThis has been some kind of crazy week.  Airstrikes in Syria, more unrest in Fergunson, Missouri, Attorney General Holder resigned,  Shonda Rhimes powered to the top of Thursday night ratings for ABC, Tyler Perry is having a baby, a woman was beheaded in Oklahoma, terrorist threats were made, and later debunked, toward France and U.S. subway systems, and some girl with three (fake) titties is trying to get a television show.  These stories have been a lot for sure and without retreat because the local stories were just as intense here in Prince George’s.  An open air drug market for sellers and buyers, nicknamed “The Yard”, was shut down.  Thanks to a serious citizen providing a tip to the police in June, the police were able do a full investigation of the site at 15000 block of Marlboro Pike, get a search warrant and shut it down. 

Ronald Ritchie
Ronald Ritchie

Police officers continued to make headlines all over the country. A grand jury in Ohio decided to not indict the police officers who shot and killed an unarmed man shopping at Wal-mart in Beavercreek, OH.  Who needs to be indicted is Ronald Ritchie, that lying sniveling, cowardly liar who told the police that shooting victim John Crawford III was waving a rifle around at children and people.  Ritchie later changed his story after the attorney general’s office  allowed him to view the surveillance tapes. Now the Department of Justice is being handed this case because this is just that out of control. 
John Warhurst
John Warhurst

A former Prince George’s County police officer, John Warhurst,  killed himself.  Warhurst, a 21-year veteran of the PGCo force, was allowed to retire after being charged in Calvert County with sexual assault and other offenses.  On Sept. 26th, Warhurst was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound near Bayard and Sands roads in Anne Arundel County.  In November 2013, Prince George’s County t suspended Warhurst without pay after the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office charged him with multiple counts of sexual assault and other offenses, including second-degree rape and a sex offense involving a child. He then retired after charges were brought against him. Warhurst’s trial was set to start on Oct. 28.

stethescopeMaryland’s Department of Mental Health and Hygiene confirmed the presence of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) in Maryland. The virus, which has been associated with respiratory infections in children across the country, was identified in a specimen collected from a hospitalized child in suburban Maryland and was sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for confirmation.  That part about the virus being found in “suburban” Maryland made me raise my eyebrows.  Sounds like someplace close and that’s too close.  Check out the Center for Disease Control‘s site for symptoms of the virus and updates.
County Executive Rushern Baker
County Exec. Baker, PGC Blog

County Executive Baker has been making the rounds with the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee trying to push a sample ballot through that would encourage voters to vote “yes” to ballot question J, which would extend the county executive and county councilperson’s term limits from two terms to three.  According to the Washington Post (juicy) write up, Baker ended up getting his way but it’s causing major tension on the Democratic Central Committee.  State senators Joanne Benson and Paul Pinsky were at the same meeting to promote the endorsement of County Executive Baker’s nominees for the School Board: Lupi Grady, Dinora Hernandez, Carolyn Boston and Sonya Williams.  If these four are voted in, Baker’s appointees would make up the voting majority.  Ultimately, the Democratic Central Committee reversed their decision and voted to endorse these candidates.  Wow.  Baker won a lot that evening, but will he win on Question J?

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If Baker wins on Question J, our already dominant Democratic political machine becomes a completely closed, all-powerful system of incumbents and political insiders. That would not be good for us residents and the health of our democracy. Term limits are the only avenue to bring new blood and new ideas into our political power structure.

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