Create Your Own Sizzle Empowerment Event (Demo)

Cheryl Wood has crafted a gathering unlike a conference, nothing like the schmoozy “networking” events that promise connections based on your connections.  The Create Your Own Sizzle Empowerment Event for Girls and Women happening this Saturday, August 17th at the Showplace Arena 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, 2pm-6pm promises to be an event where women and girls from all states of life can come and receive hands on instruction on how to become the best entrepreneurial you you can be.


Cheryl Wood
Cheryl Wood (l) Les Brown (r)

“Initially, my big dream was to share the stage with the greats such as Les Brown” but Cheryl Wood put an even bigger dream in place that didn’t rely on the accomplishments of anyone else.  She determined to make it happen for herself.  Even with this new press to transform her goals into her accomplishments, there was a twist, “Initially initially this was about me but God stopped me and said no it’s not.”  With that adjustment in mind, she signed a contract with Showplace Arena earlier in the year.  Already there are more than 2,300 registrants. Women and girls are traveling from North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia and the surrounding area for the Create Your Own Sizzle Empowerment Event.  It’s free to the public and features members of the business community, media, entertainment and literature world.

Cheryl Wood Showplace ArenaIn her role as empowerment speaker, Cheryl Wood travels the world presenting to women and girls so they can “make their dreams happen for them instead of waiting for it to happen to them.”  She must be practicing what she preaches in her home life because one of the presenters, 9-year-0ld author Jayana Wood, is her daughter.  When her daughter told her she wanted to write the book “Opening My Imagination,”  the dutiful mother in Cheryl Wood encouraged her daughter but let her know that she would, in fact, be putting in the work for this book.  If Cheryl Wood could accomplish this with her 9-year-old daughter than I’m certainly a candidate for help.  Ha!! 
The lineup of speakers will not just give speeches, give a canned smile and leave the podium.  There will be interviews, performances, practical help/information, and vendors, all of whom were chosen with the theme in mind of helping women and girls create their own sizzle.  Featured Event Hosts are Marc Clarke, WHUR 96.3 and Allison Seymour, Fox 5 News.  Presentations and performances by recording artists Tanya Blount, Chic Chi Monet. Hear from health and wellness expert Chere Cofield, comedienne/playwright Meshelle the Indy Mom of Comedy, authors Jayano Wood, award winning entrepreneur and author Gabrielle J. Williams and more.  See the flyer below for details.  This is going to be a transformational event.  Don’t wait to hear about it later.  Be there.
The Eventbrite invitation is found HERE.
Create Your Own Sizzle Flyer

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Such a great event! Hopefully I’ll finally get a chance to meet you there 🙂

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