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So much has happened since I last blogged.  Nationally, the big news is the federal government is essentially shut down.  Both sides are pointing fingers while workers, businesses, and the beloved national park tourists and pandacam watchers languish.  As of last, President Obama has summoned House and Senate leaders to the White House for a sit down on how to resolve this mess and not bring the debt ceiling into this fiasco.   Prince George’s County is home to almost 900,000 federal employees; the county loses $270,000 in income tax revenue everyday the government is closed.  I don’t like this at all.  The stock market, people’s paychecks, small businesses, all are in jeopardy because one faction of one party hates the Affordable Health Act.  This is how they’ve chosen to remedy the 900+ page law: let’s shut down the government.  The law does need amending, but this current situation is not expedient.  Nope, these people do not deserve to govern anymore. 
Rushern Baker IVGuess who believes he is ready to govern in the Maryland House of Delegates (District 22)?  Why it’s none other than Rushern Baker IV, son of current County Executive Rushern Baker III.  Today, October 2nd,  Rushern Baker IV, announced his candidacy for the Maryland House of Delegates at Town Center Market in Riverdale Park near the Riverdale Marc Station.  Of course, he has the full support of his father.  In July of this year, Rushern IV was caught by police speeding and driving on a suspended license and in 86/87, he had some traffic violations.  I think that’s the gist of his smelly laundry.


crimeResidents to Beltsville apartment complex are surprised at the police involved shooting that took place in their area this morning.  “A police-involved shooting in a Beltsville apartment complex Wednesday was surprising, said many residents, who described the community as a quiet and generally safe. “I feel safe coming out early in the morning when it is dark outside,” said Verna Graziano, a resident of the Lighthouse at Twin Lakes Apartments, where Prince George’s County police say an officer fatally shot a male suspect after a chase.” – The Gazette.   NBC Washington reported “Officers were called to the Lighthouse at Twin Lakes Apartments in the 3800 block of Twin Lakes Drive at around 2 a.m. The 911 caller told the dispatcher they could hear a woman screaming “Get off of me” outside. When officers arrived, they found the female victim bleeding in the parking lot and saw the male suspect running away. After a brief foot chase, the suspect and an officer were involved in some sort of confrontation, and the officer fired his weapon. There’s no word on whether the deceased was armed. Police say the officer involved is a 7-year veteran of the force. The victim was treated at the scene and is talking to police.”
3 thieves broke into the  into the Rivertowne Jewelers jewelry store and wiped out a business that took 25 years to build.  The crooks marked an “X” on the roof  and broke in through the that spot in the middle of the night.  They then lowered tools down through that hole and spent hours inside using a blow torch to break into the side of a safe.  The police have release surveillance video of the May 2013 crime; there have been no leads in the case to date.  Now that these crooks have done this, just know that neighborhood won’t have another jewelry store for a while.  If you know something, say something or just get used to the continuation of the same: businesses fleeing your neighborhood because criminals are allowed to run rampant.  Detective David Gross with Prince George’s County Police says the suspects had planned out every last detail and that it was much more sophisticated than the standard “smash and grab” robberies. He says he’s never seen anything like it, reports the station. “You just can’t see anything. They’ve got the gloves on, all black. They got the black mask on,” he said.  Surveillance footage shows the thieves descending into a small back room of the Rivertowne Jewelers in Oxon Hill and immediately cutting the wires to the alarm.

Demarco G. James
Demarco G. James

Man who killed the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend arrested and charged with murder.  The Prince George’s County Police Department charged a suspect for the August 2013 murder of 27-year-old Michael Leo Reese in Bowie. The suspect is identified as 31-year-old Demarco Gregory James of Northeast, Washington.  James, 31, has been on the run since August after police found 27-year-old Michael Leo Reese suffering from a gunshot wound at the home near the 2500 block of Nicol Circle in Bowie, police say. Reese died at the scene of the shooting.  Glad this idiot is off the streets.  Really?  That’s how you get over someone who’s got over you?  By killing the woman’s boyfriend?  UUUURGH!! Idiot.

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