Crime Down Still No Respect for Prince George’s (Demo)

Happy new year!! Or as my grammatically challenged folk tend to say Happy New yearS!!!! And how did we bring in the new year in Prince George’s County? We did it with a murder.  D’Juan Renay Hunter of Shipley Terrace in SE DC had a confrontation with his mother’s fiance’.  Police officials report that 38 year old Hunter came to visit at the residence of 52 year old Raymond Quattlebaum in the 9100 block of Goldfield Place in Clinton. While there, Hunter confronted Quattlebaum, over what we don’t know yet. During the confrontation, Hunter shot Quattlebaum.  After the shooting, Hunter ran from the home. He was found and arrested early this morning in Bowie. Hunter faces first degree murder and related charges. Not that there is ever a good time for a murder to take place, but this one supplanted the good news about crime in Prince George’s County going down.  It’s like we’re the Rodney Dangerfield of Counties around here. 

courtesy PGPD
courtesy PGPD

For the third straight year, crime is down in Prince George’s County.  There were 56 murders in 2013; 56 too many but it’s fewer than the county has seen in decades.  Crime is down 27%, murder down 38% , property crime down by 26%.  Police Chief Magaw said at the press conference held today at the Glenndale Wegmans, “In 3 years, this county has cut homicides nearly 40%. We are not done. Still more work to do.”  More tips are coming into the county’s crime solver line too.  County Executive also applauded the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, which targets 6 areas of the county, as the impetus for continued and historic change. Both Magaw and Baker acknowledge that community involvement is what is making the difference.
No RespectThe success of Rodney Dangerfields “No Respect” comedy routine was that he owned it.  He told the stories.  That’s what Prince Georgians are going to have to do: tell our own story.  Our news is good some days like today, bad on others like TODAY. What is fact is that things are not perfect but things are getting better. Always ask, what are you saying about your county and what are you doing besides complaining?  I’m on my way to organize a neighborhood cleanup because some major stretches of Rt. 202 and Old Largo Road are littered with trash.  I have no idea where to start, but guarantee you it will happen.  It’s my neighborhood.  It’s getting better.

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