Criminal Behavior (Demo)

What’s crazier than Jiamei Tian running around Washington, DC dousing national monuments with green paint?  Riding around Clinton, MD looking to shoot and kill someone, well that’s crazier and in a word dumb.  But that’s just what resident brain dead 19-year-old Darryl Sherwood Adamson Jr., of the 4600 block of Sir Woodburn Way in Clinton, is accused of doing.  On July 27, 2013, at approximately 2:00 am, police responded to a reported shooting in Clinton, MD in the 6300 block of Coventry Way.  Upon arrival, officers found shooting Darryl Adamsonvictim 18-year-old Darius Trey Turner of the 14000 block of Owings Avenue in Brandywine suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.  Turner later died at a local hospital.

Terrence Blunt
Terrence Blunt

In other stupid criminal news, Terrance Blunt went to visit his probation officer and wound up being arrested for a burglary.  20-year-old Terrance Blunt of the 4200 block of 54th Place in Bladensburg us suspected of committing a burglary on July 8, 2013 in the 13000 block of Ivy Lane in Beltsville. The victim returned home and discovered jewelry, electronics and several credit cards had been stolen. Investigators discovered Blunt used one of the credit cards in a nearby store and was caught on tape doing it. Detectives obtained video of the transactions and were able to identify Blunt as the suspect.  Then a funny thing happened on the way to see his parole officer, as detectives were filing the paperwork  on July 15th for an arrest warrant for Blunt, they spotted Blunt in the courthouse lobby. Blunt was in the building to meet with his probation officer.  Blunt was immediately arrested without incident. Captain Harold Simms, the Commander of the Regional Investigative Division/Northern Region said it was “the fastest warrant ever served.”   Look at that spot of red dye in the front of his hair.  Couldn’t be the brightest thing.

StripperPoleThe Baltimore Sun reports a sorry state of U.S. affairs, “State, local and FBI law enforcement officers across Maryland and the United States announced a sweeping, coordinated child prostitution bust that recovered 105 children, the FBI announced Monday.  While no children were reported found in Maryland, the FBI said three suspected “pimps” were arrested in the state. Baltimore FBI spokesman Rich Wolf said the three operated in Prince George’s County.  Arrested were Darren Everlee Hopkins, 28, of Capitol Heights, who is facing four counts of human trafficking, four counts of prostitution and a drug charge, according to court records.  Cecil Thadeus Murry IV, 25, of Landover, was charged with prostitution, court records show.  No attorneys were listed in court records for the men. Wolf said the suspects will be prosecuted in state courts.

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