Designer Cufflinks by David Yurman

Curved Abalone Shell Chip Cufflinks
Curved Abalone Shell Chip Cufflinks

The cufflink is a finishing touch that takes you from classic to stand out would.  My Daddy was born in 1924 so cufflinks were as much a part of his wardrobe as socks and slacks.  Now I’m married to a man with a lot of the same fashion sensibilities and he knows how to use cufflinks to complete and compliment his look.  I’ve learned from him that if you take a chance on Goodwill, some second-hand stores and consignment stores, you can find some stand out pieces at a great price.  Leaders in the cufflink arena include designer David Yurman (pricey)  Check out the Pave Diamond Bullet cufflinks by David Yurman for $1575.  For a more budget friendly cufflink, view the selection at  The Curved Abalone Shell Chip cufflinks retail for $65.  Can’t beat that!
Burberry and John Hardy offer mid-priced cufflinks ($100-400) and retail at Neiman Marcus,
In the late 1600’s Post Renaissance, cufflinks became a staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe.  Since then, cufflinks changed with society, morphing from their start as ornate auspiciousness to the industrial revolution’s mass produced accessory to today’s statement pieces.

Leather Dome Cuff Links, Blue, by Robert Graham-Burberry Collection, $128
Leather Dome Cuff Links, Blue, by Robert Graham-Burberry Collection, $128

You can have cufflinks customized with engravings and photos now, something to consider as gift for your groomsmen or the graduate in your life preparing to enter the work world.  Vintage cufflinks made by Swank, Speidel, and Anson are available online for the man with discerning taste.  Lastly but essentially, please, PLEASE be sure to purchase or own French cuff shirts so as to properly display your cuff art.