Date Night in Prince George’s County (Demo)

Date Night in Prince George’s County

I want to plan a great date night for me and the HubHub but I want it to be in Prince George’s County.  Id love for us to catch an inexpensive show, be it a movie or theater production, have a great meal and take a long stroll.  HELP ME MAKE THAT HAPPEN.
What are some of the restaurants and theaters that we’re missing out on?  I keep meaning to try Sassafrass Lounge and Restaurant but haven’t heard much about it.  Where can we take a nice long stroll and help walk off my dessert?  You KNOW I plan on having dessert.  Is National Harbor the only strollable area or have you held hands and shared loving looks along the Route 1 Hyattsville corridor and other locations?  What I love about the County is that we don’t have to worry about parking but what I miss about DC is strolling the neighborhoods of Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Capital Hill and downtown. 
I kinda wanna see the new Meryl Streep movie “Hope Springs” then have a great meal and take a long walk.  I’m open to theater productions but nothing interactive.  I’m just trying to enjoy myself, not be challenged.  Geez. 
Leave me comments with your suggestions. 

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Hmmmm….that’s a good question. Taking a stroll around Laurel Lake can be nice and there is a fairly decent strip of restaurants along the Route 1 corridor but I can’t think of any other options except in SS and Columbia.

You can try the Hyattsville Art District on Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue) or University Town Center also in Hyattsville (off East West Highway). Both areas boast of great local eateries, nice shops, great place for walking. And at University Town Center, you can walk around the center, rest your feet at their beautiful outside open area to people watch/chill and a huge theater.

Great suggestions!!! Thanks so much Vivi and Nae. Y’all keep ’em coming.

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