Delegate Darren Swain Taken for a Ride (Demo)

House of Delegates Prince George’s County (Dist 24) Delegate Darren Swain was robbed and beaten a WEEKEND ago on Sunday September 1st but the information didn’t hit the news until last Friday, September 6th in the evening.  According to the charging document, Delegate Darren Swain picked up two young men at the Exxon and gave them a ride to the Prince Place condominiums and apartments, which even I know I mostly uninhabited.  That Exxon station is in a good walking distance from Prince Place so it wasn’t like these young men were stranded.  Now the story is changing.  Tracee Wilkins found discrepancies in the incident report and the charging document.  It seems that Swain has changed his story.  He’s saying he explained the story to the police “to the best of his recollection.”

Darren SwainOriginally Delegate Darren Swain reportedly stated that  “against his better judgement,” he asked to use the restroom and entered the Prince Place unit, which Rep. Swain described as being “dark”.  When he exited the bathroom, Rep. Swain was jumped, beaten, and robbed.  NOW he’s saying that he was jumped in the hallway and the incident report reads that Swain was found with no shirt on and a bloody lip.  Swain told Tracee Wilkins that he wasn’t hurt but at the scene of the crime, witnesses said blood was all over the place.  Incident report says Swain was attacked in the hallway of the condominium complex.  I can’t say what was really going on here but the picture isn’t adding up.  Between 2-3 the morning, WHO picks up two or three young men that you don’t know only to drop them off at a location that they could have walked to?  It would have been a long walk but that’s not your problem.

Swain Ride MapThe press is being unobtrusive about this story but it’s just not adding up.  I’m sure Delegate Darren Swain lives somewhere in the area since he is a delegate for District 24.   If he lives in the area he represents, that being Seat Pleasant, District Heights, and Capitol Heights, why not just hold your water until you can get safely home.  WHO goes up into some stranger’s dark apartment to take a leak?  One person, of the 2-3 that attacked Swain,  has been arrested. Court documents show 19-year-old Keion Naylor is being held on charges including second degree assault and theft.  When the police caught up with Keion Naylor, he was allegedly in possession of two of Swain’s cell phones and his car with the official House of Delegates tags.  Just lovely.  A man that witnessed Delegate Darren Swain running from door to door for help described him as looking disoriented and having a badly busted lip.  Tracee Wilkins did an in-depth report at NBC Washington.  He told Tracee Wilkins that he didn’t know the suspects but he was there “to help them.” Man please.  Swain ended the conversation with this  “The fact of the matter is that Darren Swain is ok.  His property was stolen and recovered, and the people who to my knowledge perpetrated the crime have been apprehended and taken care of.”  A preliminary hearing for the defendant Keion Naylor is scheduled for September 30, 2013.
District 24 Map
Darren Swain was appointed by Governor O’Malley to take over after former Delegate Tiffany Alston’s messy departure and scandalous indictment for using her official position to fund her personal endeavors.  Delegate Darren Swain has served the legislature as a Maryland Delegate  from 1998-2002, prior to his April 2013 appointment.  So this is not Swain’s first time at the rodeo.  That being said, Delegate Darren Swain, get yourself together and ACT LIKE you know that the politicians in Prince George’s County are under great scrutiny and cruise-like behavior is not becoming to our political officials.

Darren Swain charging document

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This was such a shady story, I’m sure we all can speculate about what was actually going down. If you listen to this interview on NBC4, you notice him hesitating to questions the reporter has. I think he knows it sounds pretty bogus.

Drugs or sex solicitation. Basically.

I 2nd what jacquie2010 said

This is such a disappointing post to read. Politicians as a whole are rightfully held to a different standard and black politicians realistically get a whole different level of scrutiny. I too agree with Jacquie2010 about what was likely going on. Such recklessness in judgment and decision making is unacceptable in the person representing you. When I first heard the story I remembered thinking to myself that there are times I have had to wake up extra early because I let my gas get low but don’t like to go to gas stations after a certain time. The idea that I would be in a gas station at 3:00 a.m. strike up conversation with more than one stranger and then let them into my car to drive them anywhere much less get out of the car with them is a story that insults the intelligence of any listener. I am glad that he was not seriously hurt and is alive to tell this crazy story.The outcome could have been very different under the circumstances and the police could easily have been investigating a murder.

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