Delegate Darren Swain Uncovered (Demo)

Darren SwainThanks to Tracee Wilkins over at NBC4, Delegate Darren Swain‘s complete police reports related to Swain’s September 2013 beating and robbing.  The complete records  records have been made available by way of a Maryland Public Information Act request.  Statements from Delegate Darren Swain to the press are a far cry from what was uncovered in those police reports.  Not even the investigating officer believed what he was saying.  They noted, “…the victim [Delegate Darren Swain] was trying to recount what he had previously told officers…instead of relating the facts as they had occurred.”  The investigator got Delegate Darren Swain to admit he went to the condominium willingly.  When asked if he hoped “something may happen in the condominium,” Delegate Darren Swain responded that he had not solicited the individuals but went on to say “yes” “sex.”  Tracee Wilkins was told by Delegate Darren Swain that the police report stating he wanted sex in the condominium from the young men who fled the scene in his car was a lie and he referred Mrs. Wilkins to his attorney.  The attorney hasn’t responded yet.
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John Erzen
John Erzen

John Erzen, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office said that there “not enough evidence to substantiate charges” against 19 year old Keion Naylor so charges were dropped. But according to Keion Naylor’s account of that night, Delegate Darren Swain rolled a joint that Keion suspected was “laced” with something and then Delegate Darren Swain began touching his arm so in an effort to get away from Delegate Swain, the whole incident ensued.  Beating up Delegate Darren Swain and stealing Swain’s car was the way these guys took to get out of that situation.  Naylor’s mother, Velma Floyd, was interviewed by Tracee Wilkins in the video posted below, and she recounts that her son told her that he was touched inappropriately and after that things went “from bad to worse.”  See the entire report below.  If you’re like me and sometimes viewing this post on an iPad, use this link HERE:

Delegate Darren Swain was appointed by Governor Martin O’Malley after the debacle with Delegate Tiffany Alston.  He’s currently running for this office against that same Tiffany Alston, Greg Hall (see post on that), Erek Barron (a better choice than most, see website), Durand Adrian Ford (website HERE), Marva Jo Camp, Carolyn Howard (incumbent), Delaneo Miller (no website, only a Facebook page not updated since Jan.), Phillip Raines (website HERE), Michael L. Vaughn (incumbent-website needs updating NOW), and Republican Cy Okoro (can’t find him online).  Residents of District 24 need to replace the appointed Delegate Darren Swain.


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