Derrick L. Davis: Mic Check (Demo)

After hearing so much in the negative vein about Derrick L. Davis from People for Change, I just had to check him out. Actually, he reached out to me to clear up a few things.
First: He’s not ashamed of his nickname “Boogie.”  People for Change’s Sandy Pruitt kept dropping his nickname like it was some mafia moniker. Truer to facts, Davis’ nicknames are Boogie and China Boogie, given to him from his days as a saxophone player for EU go-go band. So let’s let that one go y’all.
Second: The Progressive Alliance slate that give him so much money is actually self owned. That $20,200.00 came from his own pocket and the Out of State PAC titled 1199 SEIU, represents people that work for Prince George’s County hospital.
Mr. Davis made no apologies for doing business with unions, “Why wouldn’t you do business with unions?  The people I represent are members of unions. Our President favors unions.”
His close friendship with House of Delegates member Dereck E. Davis has been an asset, he says.  In addition to gaining experience from working with D.E. Davis, he also credits former councilwoman Jo Ann T. Bell with giving him extensive legislative experience.
I think People for Change inadvertently gave Derrick L. Davis’s campaign a spring board. Almost every candidate has donors and each of the candidates chosen by PFC to participate in their debate should have come with the same documentation of their campaign accounts that was passed out on Derrick L. Davis.
Moving on.

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Please clarify your 5th paragraph. As the piece is written, it appears that Derrick E. Davis is two people, one who is campaigning for a Council seat and one who is currently in the House of Delegates.

His [Derrick LEON Davis’] close friendship with House of Delegates member Dereck E. Davis has been an asset, he says.
They are two separate people. There is also a link to House of Delegates Member Dereck E. Davis’s web site.

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