Derrick L. Davis WINS! (Demo)

According to my poll (giggle), Derrick L. Davis was a distant 3rd behind Arthur Turner and Wayne L. Leach II. By the way, Wayne L. Leach managed to get 53 electronic votes in my poll and only 10 yesterday. What all this shows me is that polls don’t know anymore than what people are willing to honestly share and can’t tell the story of a selected population unless that population has fair access to the poll and is aware of it.
Derrick L. Davis prides himself on being the man who knows his people and will serve them with their issues at his forefront.  It is a sure bet that we will all be watching. What this whole Johnson/Johnson debacle has birthed in the residents who’ve reached out to me is a need to know more about PGCo politicians, how our elected officials serve the needs of this County, and represent the will of its people.
What I can say, Derrick L. Davis was forthcoming with me and accessible.  I can only hope that this is how he remains.  It is also my hope that Arthur Turner, Mark Polk, Venus Bethea, Denise McNight, Day Gardener et. al. continue their paths of civic duty in the County.  There are more than enough places for the remaining 14 candidates to serve within PGCo. 
The official results:


MD – Prince Georges CO Council District 6                                                       Votes       
* Day Gardner (R) 97 100%
MD – Prince Georges CO Council District 6
* Derrick Leon Davis (D) 3,570 55%
  Arthur Turner, Jr. (D) 1,254 19%
  Mark Polk (D) 634 10%
  Christine Osei (D) 259 4%
  Wanda Dixon McKnight (D) 180 3%
  Casandra Lewis (D) 151 2%
  Venus Bethea (D) 109 2%
  Esther Hankerson (D) 76 1%
  Sherine Taylor (D) 64 1%
  Van Caldwell (D) 64 1%
  Thirl Crudup (D) 36 1%
  Margaret Ocoroji-Schaeffer (D) 28 0%
  Brad Donnie Ray (D) 18 0%
  Wayne Lynwood Leach (D) 10 0%

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