Developer Sues GSA, Dance Hall Licenses & Chick-fil-A (Demo)

One Largo Metro LLC sues GSA over lease of  building to Rockville Company
Temple Hills club may lose its dance hall license
University of Maryland students circulate petition to have Chic-fil-A removed

From thGSAe Washington Business Journal: Arguing that GSA’s selection process  wasarbitrary and capricious,” One Largo Metro LLC sued the GSA in federal claims court Aug. 8th, over their selecting The JBG Cos.’ 5600 Fishers Lane over its own site next to the Largo Metro station.  One Largo, controlled by Peter N.G. Schwartz Management Co., claims it spent more than $4 million preparing its bid and wants the federal government to reimburse the company for those costs and legal feesI say GET YOUR MONEY DUDE!! With all the sloppy mess GSA has been in lately, the least they can do is reimburse Mr. Schwartz’s money.  You’ve seen how their higher ups conducted business and how frivolously their funds were handled.  Investigations are widening as we speak.  See HERE.
University of Maryland students are circulating an online petition to have Chick-fil-A kicked off the College Park campus.  Come on.  Really y’all?  The students are protesting comments made by the company’s founder in support of traditional family units and values.  The online petition calls on the university to replace the Chick-fil-A in the Stamp Student Union building with a more accepting and healthier dining option.
Plaza 23 Event CenterThe owner of the Plaza 23 Event Center in Temple Hills could have his dance hall license suspended for violations during an Aug. 5 concert, after which a band member was fatally shot, Washington Times reported.  Approximately two hours after promotional fliers said the go-go concert ended, 18-year-old Anthony Boatwright, a member of the band Heavy Impact, was shot during an altercation and possible robbery about two miles away in the 500 block of Temple Hills Road, according to police reports and the venue owner.  The Prince George’s County Police Department has arrested 18-year-old Darrel Sales for the murder of Anthony Boatwright in Temple Hills.  The club owner is being cited for not following his own security measures which required that Prince George’s County Police Officers be present as security and not officers from other agencies.  Plaza 23 owner Dan Richardson whined that since he doesn’t have regularly scheduled events, PGCo police officers don’t want to commit to a part-time security gig with his venue.  There was a hearing on the 19th of the County’s Administrative board regarding the violations; they have 2 days to rule on the violations so TODAY is the day of ruling.
During the Friday hearing on the citations, the Washington Times reported that County Attorney Matthew Gordon recommended that, at a minimum, the Temple Hills venue’s dance hall license, which allows it to host for-profit dancing events, should be suspended until it can comply with the security plan.  I report this: SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!!! They bring out trouble and people who attend need constant supervision.  Too much of my tax dollar going toward avoidable foolishness.  SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!!!  Every strip club.  Every go-go club.  Sick of all of them.

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