Disenfranchised Smokers (Demo)

In my household, both my parents smoked.  My sister smokes, my niece smokes.  I do not.  I detest smoking and its effects.  I resent being exposed to smoke when I dine al fresco and I absolutely can’t stand sitting next to THAT person on the train who just puffed out their last drag before entering the station.

In my total disgust for smoking, I can’t help but give a clear throat chuckle at the proposed $1 tax to cigarettes to pay for health care costs in Maryland.   The current retail price of a pack of cigarettes (including taxes) is $6.04 in the state of  Maryland.  The current proposal from Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative would increase that cost by one dollar to an average of $7.04 per pack of health busting cigarettes.
It would seem that smokers are the last minority that you can disenfranchise without repercussion.  They’re also one of the only minorities I know of that you can opt out of so no sympathy cards from PGC Blog.

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