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The election race for District 6 Council seat is local politics at it’s best.  It would seem this doesn’t warrant much national attention, but we all know that  local politics can have national implications. 
The official vote day is September 20th but District 6 residents of  Prince George’s County, MD can start and here.  How tight is the race for this seat?  Vote now and we’ll see.
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This is great and unlike the straw poll “People For Change” had, we as the residents of district 6, are actually privy to the official results. I wonder why more media outlets are not conducting polls before declaring, by default, a Front Runner. Thanks PGC Blog.com for the poll.
Arthur Turner is an excellent, “consistent” voice of district 6 and has been doing the work (Not just staring or only showing up during election time) to better the communities of district 6. I support Arthur Turner because he has a successful list of “Leading” (Keyword) community service based projects that he has taken apart of beyond the hours of his job. Using your (Non-elected position) job as your resume is fine but try spending hours on end helping the district because it is needed and not because you’re getting paid, before you try to run for office.
If you support Arthur Turner, excellent choice, but if you do not know who to vote for OR you support another candidate, I ask you to take the Arthur Turner quiz 2 and test your knowledge of Arthur Turner at http://www.votearthurturner.com/cms/quiz/. If you don’t earn a 100% on quiz 1 and 2 then there are things that you do not know about Arthur Turner.
Before you choose to support a candidate, do your homework and research what the candidate has ACTUALLY done, NOT what they say they WILL do IF elected. Just think about it, if the County Council person position was a hired-one and not an elected-one, what would some of the candidates resume of “related” experience look like? Then judge the value of their campaign, who would you want in surgery an experienced Doctor or a person who has no OR little “related” experience?

Derrick is someone I could actual trust and see running district 6.

Yes, let’s keep voting for Sam Dean and his cronies. Let’s vote for the mess he left at the Largo Town Center. The rampant misdevelopment and lack of a clear, consistent vision. If that’s really want you want to vote for (mainly uncoordinated foolishness) then go for it. Keep voting for the same wannabe slick fools that create these messes. Go ahead and vote for the guy with the pending lawsuits (yeah, that’s homework).
Let’s move on from that old Prince George’s. I’m voting Davis.
Thanks for the campaign speech, though. But, if you don’t mind, “Dark”, I can make my own decision without Sam Dean breathing down my neck.

Thanks for the comment Ms. Jackson, I’m happy you’re actively engaged with the politics of our district, we need more people to care. To your reply please make sure to have facts and links to your information, rumor spreading is not healthy politics for our district. I would like to read up on the information you made claim to in your reply. Would you be so kind as to supply me with the links to that information? Thanks in advance

I present to you the the most glaring Sam Dean failures (which is worsened by its affect on our seniors):
The Cameron Grove debacle is well known and documented. I don’t know if you were at the debate last week, but residents still have complaints.
And yes, Sam Dean has supported Art from the start (I got the e-mails) so that’s no surprise.
Don’t toy with us by playing ignorant. We deserve better than that. Sam has been involved in too many okie-doke deals gone bust in the last decade for me to take him, or his endorsements seriously.
Give us a break.

I’m still looking for the Lawsuit information, but in any case please explain the weight of Sam Dean, on Arthur Turner’s over 20 years of Leading community service, his leadership of the United Communities Against Poverty, his leadership of his HOA, or his leadership on the Democratic Central Committee, to name a few? Are candidates and their conduct limited by those who endorse them? But again I’m truly happy that both Ms. Jackson and Marc are researching their candidate. I love to check the candidates website, especially their “About” and “Issues” page, that way you get to see what the candidate has been about, and has actually done. “Will do” without “Having done” is simply empty works.

I have lived at Cameron Grove since 2005 as a happy, satisfied homeowner but while I do understand that every resident may not have been so lucky, it is a fact that the majority of senior homeowners in Cameron Grove have never had construction concerns. Unfortunately the only thing all Cameron Grove residents have in common is the fact that property values dropped due to negative press in an economic crisis — all of our home values have suffered. The nightmare that was created by outside groups claiming to help a few homeowners, created an anxiety avalanche from which we may never recover. While no senior citizen deserves to have problems of any kind, (let along housing problems) this was clearly a case of the squeaky wheels getting oiled. My experience with the developers was just the opposite — they went out of the way to fix, adjust, and maintain my property with periodic follow-up — not to mention excellent yard maintenance and social/recreational programming. I found Mr. Sam Dean to be extremely helpful and very methodical by responding in ways that were beneficial to the entire Cameron Grove community. Conversely, those who used negative press and publicity to address the problems of a few, ultimately caused every Cameron Grove resident to suffer. Our home values took an immediate dive…and many seniors, lost their security blankets when “all” equity was lost! I want a leader like Mr. Art Turner — someone who has devoted a lifetime to helping vulnerable populations with compassion, diplomacy and creativity instead of chaos. I want someone who chose to work in a helping profession well before Cameron Groove and an economic crisis ever existed. I want a leader who understands the complexities of the Federal, Local, and Foundation Grant World and has proven to be successful in raising funds for social intervention programs — without ever having to return unspent dollars to a federal funding agency! I want a leader who cares about people and not “politics as usual”. Seniors should be recognized for the sacrifices they made to purchase homes in PG County, not punished by a network of self-serving political pawns. Most seniors today exist on a fixed, substantially reduced retirement income that has no possibilities of ever increasing it in their lifetimes. The only asset they have is their home’s equity — but now that too is gone in Cameron Grove. Therefore seniors can ill-afford to support candidates with a “narrow” focus, limited experience, and a campaign budget with strings attached to public interest groups! I was at the Cameron Grove Forum the other night too and I took detailed notes. Unfortunately, I was bored by every speaker, except Mr. Turner! Their comments were idealistic and not practical, broad and not specific. If elected they could not hit the ground running but would become figureheads in need of “on-the-job training”. There’s a reason why Mr. Turner is leading this poll and racking up major endorsements — he’s the best candidate for the job and he has my vote!

“Dark”, have you anything beyond his talking points? Couldn’t you at least get a volunteer to chime in for you? I mean, besides Mrs. Lewis, who sounds a lot like Cassy Lewis… Cassie, I hope it’s not you! You couldn’t have thrown in the towel already!
Anyway, if the our minds have not been made by now, I doubt Mr. Spiegner’s checklist will help.

Ms. Jackson, I’m loving your replies because they have yet to point out the qualities and qualifications of the candidate you support. But it does bring to light the very real issue with politics in general and that’s the focus on negativity, slander and empty solutions. Focusing on the problems without offering solutions is just complaining. You can call them a checklist, talking points or even a template but nevertheless they are the successful works of Arthur Turner. Experienced community leadership, strong connection with the communities, a focus on improved educational paths (such as college-ready and career-ready), to name a few, is what Arthur Turner brings to the county council. There is much more that Arthur Turner will continue doing to build on the leading community service he has already done for over twenty years. But there is so much an activist can do, which is why we need Arthur Turner on the county council to continue to build on what he has already been doing with higher authority. Such as enforcing the Woodmore Shopping Center agreement to hire around 70% of their workers from the area, to name one. A list of the experiences of any candidate is a checklist, template or even talking point but no matter what, it doesn’t devalue the worth and weight of their work.

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