Doug Gansler to Forestville: You Have No Linen Here (Demo)

Soooooo Maryland Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Doug Gansler believes, he must believe it because he said it, that there are still no high-end, linen-worthy restaurants in Prince George’s County.   Uuuuurgh.  Doug Gansler PLEASE give PGC Blog’s food section a gander, a glance even, before you open that pie hole of yours again.  The Gansler/Ivey democratic gubernatorial ticket opened an office in Forestville on Saturday, Feb. 8th.  Gansler, in an effort at mocking Lt. Governor Brown‘s Long Island lineage, went to bragging on he and Ivey’s hometown roots.  Gansler, born in Jersey/raised in Montgomery County/educated at Sidwell Friends in DC/College at Yale and U. of VA., said  that when he was growing up, “you couldn’t shop in a mall in Prince George’s or go to a restaurant with a table cloth in Prince George’s. You had to come to Montgomery County or Anne Arundel County. And it’s not that different now.

Gansler/Ivey Forestville Headquarters Opening
Gansler/Ivey Forestville Headquarters Opening

I wasn’t at this event, but I can hear the question those Prince Georgian’s in the room probably asked themselves : “Did he just say THAT?” It’s still echoing all the way into today.  Prince George’s County is the home of National Harbor. I was there on Saturday. Lots of restaurants. From Hyattsville and College Park to Upper Marlboro, Bowie, and Laurel, there are plenty of restaurants with tablecloths.  Oh wow.  I think I’m going to have to do a table cloth tour. Send me your suggestions.  Gansler went on to talk about economic disparities in the way transit oriented and economic development has  been handled, the Washington Post reported,He said there is a great discrepancy in economic development around Metro stops in Prince George’s compared to other counties in the region. “There’s no development around them,” Gansler said of the Prince George’s locations. “There’s no economic development.”
He’s right on those points.  He’s partially right in his assumption that Prince George’s County doesn’t have all the restaurants it should BUT as a state official and someone running for the democratic nomination for Maryland’s Governor’s race, you can’t make sweeping generalizations about Prince George’s County or any county, for that matter.  PGCo Council Members and even our U.S. House of Representatives Reps. Steny Hoyer and Donna Edwards signed a letter of rebuke to Attorney General Doug Gansler, along with Maryland State Senator Mike Miller.  In total, 28 officials signed the letter.  It’s worth it to note that all those signing are supporters of Lt. Governor Brown, but still. Councilman Derrick L. Davis called the comments “stereotypical.” I think that about sums it up.  To their defense, Gansler and Ivey supplied a video (I haven’t been supplied this video-will check on it though) showing that the audience clapped in agreement, this from Baltimore Sun:
Gansler for GovernorGansler’s campaign supplied a video showing that the attorney general’s remarks were apparently well received by supporters who attended the opening. The video shows Gansler standing side by side with his running mate, Del. Jolene Ivey of Prince George’s, contending that the county has received short shrift from the O’Malley-Brown administration on schools, transportation and economic development. The campaign released a statement from Ivey Monday rejecting the elected officials’ criticism.
“Don’t let 28 people who have a vested interest in the status quo drown out the voices of the more than 200 Prince Georgians who cheered their support,” Ivey said. “The Gansler-Ivey team will not tell the people of Prince George’s they should be happy with less than everybody else.”

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