Dr. Jeri Dyson: An Apple a Day (Demo)

I admire those who have a heart for the youth. God knows I wouldn’t want to be young in today’s world; just seems to complicated and full of drama.  And the drama of today isn’t frowned upon or necessarily something people are ashamed of.  On the contrary, drama brings popularity, even celebrity.  Look at the reality shows:  Bad Girls, Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, The Bachelor, Hell’s Kitchen, Preachers of L.A. and the rest.   Today’s youth, with their inherent angst, depression, recklessness, and  opposition to authority, are immersed in a culture that takes the abnormal images that have been scripted, Photoshopped, and edited, and portrays them as normal.  How do youth, or adults for that matter, find their real selves and navigate to their authentic life?
Dr. Jeri with Apple and bookPrince George’s County resident Dr. Jeri Dyson has a map and she has a plan.  In her new book  An Apple a Day Keeps the Drama Away, Dr. Jeri covers topics as “apples” of wisdom that apply to the lives of youth and all those who, like her, have as purpose to help teens become successful in every area of their lives.  Dr. Jeri uses outreach strategies for reaching the youth and youth care givers with her message,  “I talk to them directly and honestly.  You have to relate to them but not present in a way that appears you’re trying to be like them. The young people I work with know that I care for them.”  She offers guidance throughout the book under such topic titles as Squash the Mess, Help from the Most Unlikely People, Emotional Dating Abuse, Leap of Faith, Did I Type That Out Loud, and two of my favorites, In The Real World There Are No Undo Buttons, and A Dog That Will Bring a Bone Will Carry a Bone.

Dr. Jeri gave insight to these last two titles, “Be careful taking in all that information, consuming all that information. That same person providing the information is likely talking about you too so be cautious.  Because we live in a world that doesn’t operate on caution, sometimes the consequences of bad decisions live with you for life by way of having a baby or getting a disease. There are no “do-overs” like we learned in our day on playgrounds.”  
exclamation markHer goal is to get youth to know that the consequences of what they’re doing can be deadly.  But that goal and her message would be lost if she didn’t establish that she cared first.  My thought is this: BUY THE BOOK!  I read.  I loved.  I purchased and will purchase again.  This book needs to be in the hands of every parent, aunt, uncle, godparent, youth pastor/minister, teacher, and EVERY youth in the country.  It’s hard being raising youth and resources are slim Dr. Jeri acknowledges, “There are books galore on children in diapers to age 12 but An Apple a Day Keeps the Drama Away will help those who “don’t understand the many changes young adults go through,”  those who wonder how a teen can be one way one day, go to bed and wake up a completely different person. 
Dr. Jeri Book SigningDr. Jeri Dyson is a native Washingtonian just like ME!! Yay! She has appeared on programs such as BET’s 106th & Park, footing HIV/AIDS related questions from the Tweet Suite and TBN’s Doctor to Doctor series.  Dyson is the author of various columns, has hosted education forums, been on panels and testifies before commissions and counsels all as an advocate for teens and their health.  She is a adolescent medicine physician who specializes in sexually transmitted infections.  Dr. Jeri is a real M.D. who deals in the reality that youth, no matter the socio-economic or religious background, must be made aware that they’re lives have meaning.

I am plugging, lobbying and all out screaming for Dr. Jeri Dyson to have another event because her book signing and discussion taking place this Sunday, October 20th from 6pm to 7:30 at the Hyattsville Busboys and Poets SOLD OUT in 3 days.  Sunday’s event incorporates entertainment, interactive question/answer session where teenagers and adults learn how to communicate with each other.  But don’t let the sold out status discourage you.  I’m going to do a pop-in or walk by, crash, or something  just to wish Dr. Jeri the best and buy the book for my nieces and nephews.  You should do the same.  Dr. Jeri Dyson’s An Apple a Day Keeps the Drama Away is a worthwhile investment that will pay off.
An Apple a Day Keeps the Drama Away is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and other online retail sources.  Learn more about Dr. Jeri Dyson at her website and Facebook page.


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