Drama at the Riverdale Firehouse (Demo)

I didn’t grow up in a firefighter’s family so I was completely unaware of the friction between volunteer firefighters and career firefighters.  Oooow-WEEE!  There should have been an episode on Law & Order or The Closer that covered the murder of a volunteer or career firefighter because this is high drama.  As of Monday, four career firefighters who on staff at the Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department station were transferred from there to the nearby Riverdale Heights fire station in order to allow for “some cooling-off time,” Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department spokesman Mark Brady said.
From Firehouse.com: Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor has transferred all career firefighters out of a Riverdale station, leaving volunteers to provide service after a series of conflicts between career employees and volunteer firefighters reached a boiling point, fire officials said.
Department officials declined to discuss the reason behind the transfers, announcing the transfers in a statement that only says the station was the site of “several ongoing conflicts between career and volunteer members.” Union officials said the conflicts stemmed from a female career firefighter’s complaints of harassment.
“One of our female members made allegations including having her personal protective gear tampered with,” fire union President Andrew Pantelis said. “We’ve been aware of a tense and sometimes hostile work environment for several months now.”
Volunteer firefighters from Riverdale have been under the microscope recently as former volunteer members were criminally charged during arson investigations. Two former volunteer firefighters pleaded guilty in 2010 to starting fires in abandoned houses in Riverdale in 2008. Just last month, a third former firefighter, Gerard McBurnie Dixon Jr., pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit second-degree arson – one of six charges he faced from an investigation into another 2008 fire.
Now tell me that’s not worthy of at least a made for tv movie.

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