Dying DC: Chuck Brown & Black Majority (Demo)

It’s always the comments that get me heated after reading news stories where the topic is DC/MD. Online anonymity brings out a kind of drunken bravery in people. So after reading a couple of pieces on the death of Chuck Brown and a Washington Examiner story on the Black population of DC no longer being in the majority, I made the sad error of continuing on to the comments and ended up, you guessed it, heated.
The gentrification of DC will ultimately lead to its death as a distinguishable city.  All the snarky, racist, elitist comments in the world won’t change that fact.  After every church is driven out of DC, along with the people who populated them, all that will be left is a city trying to impersonate portions of Manhattan.  I’m totally for an accountable government, crime free neighborhoods, better schools, and easy accessibility to needed things, but not at the expense of pricing out the working class. Chuck Brown was an icon to the DMV area’s working class and poor.  He was also a family man of means and substance, but he never showed disdain for his audience.  He loved DC.  I’m going to miss that.
Now that DC has lost its Black majority and Chuck Brown, I’m sure it will lose other beauty and significance.  Small outdoor sitting areas will be reserved for small dogs, not real, human children; local eateries will have to dumb down their spices for blander palettes.  Oh yea, that’s already happening.  In the end, when all the New York restaurants have DC locations, only Ben’s Chilli Bowl and maybe the Big Chair will still be standing, and that might only be in memoriam.

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