Early Voting and Side Eye at School System, Hospital, Maybe FBI

early-voting-smallVOTE EARLY!! This presidential election has been an absolute circus. No, I couldn’t bring myself to watch Sunday’s presidential debates.  I did have the great horror of watching the “Women for Trump” protest at the RNC headquarters, the same rally/protest that got Cory Stewart fired as Trump campaign manager for Virginia. What we all need to see, no matter your side of the aisle, is that working-to-middle class people are being crushed by BOTH PARTIES.  If we ever dropped the racism and came together based on economics, the U.S. would be a different place and politicians know it.  VOTE EARLY. I’m taking my niece with me; she’s young and I want to make sure she doesn’t blow it off. Check out the ballot questions BEFORE you go so you know who all these circuit court and appeals court judge candidates are, what a library bond is, and find out now if you’re for the charter referendum or not. Link HERE.

Early voting dates for Prince George’s County and all of Maryland are Thursday, October 27, 2016 through Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 8 am until 8 pm.

Upper Marlboro Community Center
5400 Race Track Road
Upper Marlboro MD 20772
College Park Community Center
5051 Pierce Avenue College Park MD 20740
Bowie Gymnasium
4100 Northview Drive
Bowie MD 20716
Wayne K. Curry Sports and Learning Complex
8001 Sheriff Road
Landover MD 20785
Baden Community Center
13601 Baden Westwood Road
Brandywine,MD 20613
Laurel Beltsville Senior Activity Center
7120 Contee Road
Laurel MD 20707
Suitland Community Park School Center
5600 Regency Lane
Forestville MD 20747
Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex
7007 Bock Road
Fort Washington MD 20744

Excitement is in the air as GSA gets closer to their December date of announcement for the new FBI headquarters location.   “Garth E. Beall, an attorney who is the developer for the Greenbelt site, said in an interview, “With plans to build around the Greenbelt Metro before FBI headquarters relocation news was announced, Beall said that a lot of the preparatory work already was done. “The preliminary plan, constructional site plan, and the storm water plans… all of those had been advanced very far along before we even started pursuing the FBI headquarters as a potential use for the site.” Landover and Fairfax are still in the running but I’m really pulling for the Greenbelt site.
Larry Hogan I said noGovernor Larry Hogan‘s approval rating continues to soar so I’m guessing the way he treats Prince George’s County doesn’t matter to him. I encourage all PGCo officials and employees to operate as if under scrutiny and as if you will be shortchanged on every hand. The Washington Post reported on a University of Maryland/Wash Post Survey, “Hogan’s 71 percent approval rating — up five points since this spring and 10 points from a year ago — is a record for the first-term Republican, who continues to enjoy wide backing among the white Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who were key to his surprise 2014 victory. The Post-U-Md. poll finds 75 percent of Marylanders approve of Hogan’s rejection of Trump…Republicans are split on the question, with 43 percent approving and 47 percent disapproving of Hogan’s decision not to vote for or endorse his party’s nominee.”

pgco-regional-medical-centerI don’t like the way Governor Hogan and others have politicized the new Largo Medical Center. Certainly there are enough patients between Anne Arundel (population more than 55ok) and Prince George’s County (population more than 890k) to approve a certificate of need for both locations.  There is the question of funding which is laid out HERE.  In 2008,  a memorandum of understanding was entered into to provide $150 million in funds for Prince George’s County Hospital Center; in 2011 the MOU was updated to include University of Maryland Medical System and ae new medical center. The cost of the new medical center is to be split between Dimensions Healthcare, University of Maryland Medical System, the state of Maryland, and Prince George’s County. Dimensions Healthcare System is to be phased out as the manager of the new hospital center. I must say that I totally support that decision.  Dimensions Healthcare Systems is a nonprofit formed by PGCo government with a board of directors that include members such as councilwoman Andrea Harrison, Maryland House of Delegates members Tawanna Gaines and Barbara Frush, along with Health Officer for PGCo Health Dept., Pamela B. Creekmur, some judges and other high-up-mucky-mucks. See entire list HERE.

Senate Pres. Thomas V.M. Miller
Senate Pres. Thomas V.M. Miller

Capital Gazette reported, “After Mike Collins, a longtime columnist for The Capital, wrote in August supporting Anne Arundel Medical Center‘s application and questioning whether politics were at play in BWMC’s bid for an open heart program, state Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. wrote a letter to Prince George’s County politicians suggesting the AAMC application could harm plans for a new Prince George’s County regional medical center… Miller also expressed concern about the health care commission’s selection of Robert Moffit, an Anne Arundel County Republican who works for a Washington, D.C.-based conservative think tank, as hearing examiner for the Prince George’s medical center.” Thankfully, the certificate of need application has been approved and all systems look like a go for the new Prince George’s County Regional Hospital in Largo. I think public awareness of the need certificate process and players was a factor in getting approval. Some reporters were even contacting lil ole me asking why Hogan’s administration seemed to have it in for PGCo.

Hospital SignI can only speak for myself when I say that our experience with Prince George’s County’s Hospital Center and its management of billing, medical care, and its medical facilities was one sent straight from hell. I found the majority of the staff and facility to be un-Un-UNACCEPTABLE! Loud talking nurses in the ICU, incompetent doctors, poor facilities, even worse medical equipment, and the list goes on. The first thing I did was provide them my health insurance card, but the last thing they did was submit the charges to the company; they billed us as if I never even provided a card. We had to work that out and then GET OUT of that hospital in order to stay alive.  Since this is an example of Dimensions Healthcare Systems, then yes they must not be allowed to have a future with the new regional medical center.

eubanks-maxwell-boston-trash-canIf current PGCo Executive Rushern Baker plans on running for Governor of MD, he had better shore up this school system debacle and quick. We see you Rushern, returning that $756k check from Baltimore that was sent to the county for assisting during the Feddie Gray riots. People are speculating that that was a political move to woo the hearts of Baltimore voters. Here’s a tip: Baltimore and Prince George’s County voters are not enough to vote you in as Governor. Ask Anthony Brown. You have to make good with the hard decisions. One of your hard decisions needs to be to FIRE SEGUN EUBANKS, CAROLYN BOSTON, AND KEVIN MAXWELL.  The PGCo Sentinel did a great article on the mess they have made.  In one of the leaked school system emails, former school department chief of staff George Margolies refers to a compromise made between he and co-chair Carolyn Boston with help from Board Chair Segun Eubanks. That compromise was to put the meeting minutes from the Head Start Advisory Council in the “Follow Up Items” section of the board agenda, meaning they would not be discussed.” Board Chair Segun Eubanks, Co-chair Carolyn Boston, and School System CEO Kevin Maxwell ALL NEED TO BE FIRED!! I will not stop saying this.  I have no confidence that this type of cover-up would not happen again. And look what they’ve done in the aftermath: fired six Headstart employees to include the whistle-blowers, put folk who need to be fired on admin leave, and made former chief of staff George Margolies fall on his sword. 
doney-olivieriNow it seems that every week there is a scandal coming out of the school system as the roaches flee the kitchen light. *Eeeew to my visual right there. Ewwwww.* Seriously though, we have DuVal High School teacher 66-year-old Doney Olivieri (old nasty crusty but man) arrested for sending a student inappropriate text messages from June to September of this year. He’s also accused of touching the student on the chest in a classroom in September. But wait, do know, there IS NO appropriate text message that can be sent from a nasty 66-year-old, stank butt, smelly breath, old spice wearing “teacher” to one of his students unless it is to say, “YOU JUST GOT A FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO COLLEGE. Tell your Mom or Dad to call me immediately.” Yup, THEN you can text that student.

Again, I know I gave my wonderful readers a lot of information to digest but you have to stay in the loop with me. We have to move from being a bedroom community-type sleepy suburb to a fully-engaged, accountability driven county.  We are getting there.

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On the school mess, we also need to admit the mistake that was made when Baker and his legislator friends took over the school system. Running the county and the school system is too much for one leader. And the current accountability issues are directly related to the new structure where all the top people – Baker, Eubanks, Boston and Maxwell – are on the same team, covering for each other. It’s time to go back to an all-elected board and superintendent who works for the BOE.

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