Edward Burroughs Not Allowed A Platform

Edward Burroughs
Edward Burroughs (credit PGC Blog)

School Board member Edward Burroughs (Dist 8) was not allowed to be a platform guest at the Potomac High School graduation held at Show Place Arena on June 1st.  By his own admission, Edward Burroughs was not scheduled to be a platform guest. Mr. Burroughs has uploaded a Youtube video titled, “PGCPS CEO Dr.Maxwell orders police to arrest School Board Member Edward Burroughs.” The video is posted below. And while I think the title of his video is a bit much, as is Mr. Burroughs, the video does show that PGCPS Chief Operating Officer Wesley Watts and other attending officers have orders to not allow Edward Burroughs on stage.  Watts told Burroughs, “You cannot come on the stage.”
Dr. Beverly Anderson

Council member Obie Patterson (Dist 8) went inside the arena to ask Dr. Beverly Anderson to come out. Dr. Beverly Anderson, who was appointed to the School Board in 2013 by County Exec. Baker, was in attendance in full regalia. I’m not sure if she was a guest or a speaker, but she is seen on the video coming out to speak with the officers and Edward Burroughs. While Dr. Anderson says she thinks the situation is “a disgrace,” but she’s not in a position to do anything about it. 
I know that Edward Burroughs has been a thorn and has cut up at a lot of meetings; check him out online, but I don’t like seeing this kind of petty politics played out in the county.  To WHOMEVER ordered this foolishness: What did you think it would accomplish? If you wanted to silence Burroughs or maybe bring him in line, you have failed. You have given him a voice and a position as “the outsider” who has rattled the establishment.



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