Edy’s Picks ECO to Plant Fruit Orchard In County (Demo)

ECO City Farms picked by Edy’s Fruit Bars to receive a fruit orchard as a part of the Communities Take Root program.

Edy’s Fruit Bar brand has selected ECO City Farms organization in Prince George’s County, MD, to plant an orchard since access to fresh fruit is limited for some residents.  Washington D.C. areas, much like other urban areas in the U.S., have the highest obesity rates in areas of  the highest poverty rates.  “Receiving a fruit orchard courtesy of Edy’s Fruit Bars helps us with our mission at ECO City Farms to create models for others on how to produce locally grown organic food in the Washington D.C. area,” said Margaret Morgan-Hubbard, CEO of ECO City Farms. “With this fruit orchard, we will be able to educate others about sustainable farming, healthy eating and active living. In the D.C. area where access to fresh, local and sustainably grown fruit is limited, the fruit orchard is an invaluable teaching tool and will dramatically impact our community.”
Edy's Fruit BarsEdy’s Fruit Bars is once again partnering with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to planting fruit trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat global warming, and strengthen communities. As an integral part of the Communities Take Root program, the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation sources the trees and leads the planting of each orchard. Its dedicated arborist also provides a workshop for each winning community, teaching citizens how to care for their fruit trees so that they will bear fruit for future generations.
I’ll keep you posted on exactly where in Prince George’s County this fruit orchard will be planted.  ECO City Farms is located in Riverdale but I’m not sure about the orchard location that’s been chosen. 

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Thanks for posting our news! ECO City Farms’ office is in Riverdale, but our urban farm is just a mile down the road in Edmonston, Maryland, one of the Port Towns. The orchard will be planted at our Edmonston farm site to add to our sustainable agriculture model that shows how to grow food where people live. We invite you and any of your readers to come visit ECO City Farms, either on June 23 or on Saturdays when we offer public tours at 12:30 p.m.
Renee Catacalos, ECO City Farms Board Chair

ECO City Farms has an office in Riverdale, but our farm is in Edmonston. The planting will be June 23 at 4913 Crittenden Street in Edmonston, MD 20781.

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