Fairfax Chief Gerald Gordon: FBI Look for Offenders in PGCo (Demo)

I had to take up extra space for the title because I want you to know what Gerald Gordon, president of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, had to say about what the FBI should really be looking for in Prince George’s County.  From the Washington Business Journal, “Thursday when he told an audience at the Belle Haven Country Club something to the effect of (and I’m paraphrasing here): There is some logic for the FBI going to Prince George’s because that’s where they’ll find the people they have to pick up.   Organizers did not record the forum, and I know of no one in the audience who recorded it either, but four people who were there confirmed Gordon said it. So did Gordon.

Fairfax Gerald Gordon
Gerald Gordon, Fairfax EDA chief

“I made that comment in the context of talking about why Fairfax County is the most appropriate location for the FBI headquarters, including our safe neighborhoods and decades-long tradition of good government,” he said in an email.
 The topic of the FBI’s relocation came up during a Q-and-A session at the Economic Outlook Forum co-hosted by the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce and the Southeast Fairfax Development Corp. The audience groaned after Gordon made his comment and several audience members called him out on it, to which the EDA chief replied (again, a paraphrase): Well, their elected officials, anyway.
Isn’t it a hoot how Gerald Gordon justifies his comment? This is what I call another 47% moment.  Mitt Romney never thought his comment would make it outside that fundraiser and Gerald Gordon probably didn’t think his hate filled, elitist swipe at Prince George’s County would fall so flat.  
“I yelled, ‘out of line,’” said Stewart Schwartz, executive director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth.  “The people in the crowd were audibly taken aback by his statement about Prince George’s County,” said Schwartz, whose organization is promoting a new FBI headquarters near a Metro station, which would include both Fairfax and Prince George’s.
And this is to FURTHER put the School Board, Council Members, Mayors, officials and residents on guard:  Gerald Gordon public statements are just indicative of the private thoughts of those in our neighboring counties so GET AND KEEP YOUR CRAP TOGETHER!!!  Gerald Gordon Fairfax EDA chief

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So what, he was only speaking the truth? The KKK hood is way out of line, is it his fault that people in Fairfax don’t commit crime?

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