Fairfax Official Apologizes to PGCo (Demo)

From Washington Business Journal, “Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova issued her apology during a meeting of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ board. Also there was Prince George’s County Council Chair Andrea Harrison, D-District 5, and other government leaders from across the region.

Gerald Gordon Fairfax
Gerald Gordon, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

At issue were the comments of Fairfax County Economic Development Authority President Gerald Gordon, who suggested during a March 7 forum that a new FBI headquarters would be appropriate for Prince George’s because of a history of crime and corruption there.  Fairfax and Prince George’s are both trying to woo the FBI, which is considering a move from its current headquarters at 935 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Fairfax is promoting a site near the Franco-Springfield Metro station, and Prince George’s wants the FBI to go to a site by the Greenbelt station.
 “I was not at the event that has been alluded to, but it was Fairfax County’s official that made some unfortunate comments, I think in an attempt to be humorous and glib, and it was the wrong thing to happen,” Bulova said. “And I’d just like to apologize on behalf of Fairfax County to my colleagues in Prince George’s County. What happened was absolutely not right, and it’s not reflective of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and our policies and our feelings toward our colleagues within the Metropolitan Washington region.”  To which Harrison responded: “That might be a very healthy and productive comment in this conversation.”
Sharon Bulova, Fairfax Board of Supervisors
Sharon Bulova, Fairfax Board of Supervisors

I applaud Sharon Bulova but she is not the culprit or the problem.  Get that nasty Gerald Gordon to put on his big boy pants and face the music.  This is how Romney lost with his elitist comments made behind closed doors.  Gerald Gordon is of the same ilk as Romney and as much as I’m not sold on the FBI move to Prince George’s County, I hope Fairfax doesn’t get it.

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The apology needs to come from Gordon. But PGCo deserves a real apology, not an excuse about his words being an attempt to be “humorous and glib”. I’m tired of politicians using words like ” a lapse in judgement or ” a poor joke”. Stop being mean-spirited and then an apology never has to be made.

I agree wholeheartedly. I have heard some attempt to portray the comment as indicative of his “dry wit” but in a role like his it is far more indicative of poor judgment and a mean spirited nature. I also believe that if it was wit misunderstood he would have apologized I thought that Aubrey Thagard’s response was spot on. While I would hope that everyone in Fairfax would be embarrassed about this representative I am surprised that whatever authority Mr. Gordon reports to has not asked him to apologize himself.

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